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The Benefits of Adding Green Mountain Boxwood To Your Landscape 

Green Mountain Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that is a popular choice for landscaping projects due to its versatility and attractive appearance. This hardy shrub is well-suited for foundation plantings, hedges, borders, and topiaries and is an ideal choice for adding structure, texture, and color to any landscape. Green Mountain Boxwood is a drought-tolerant shrub that is easy to maintain and can thrive in various climates.


 Attributes of Green Mountain Boxwood

 One of the best attributes of Green Mountain Boxwood is its versatility, making it great for many different applications. This shrub is commonly used as a hedge or privacy screen due to its dense growth, which makes it ideal for blocking noise and views. Additionally, Green Mountain Boxwood is a popular choice for foundation plantings, thanks to its lush growth and foliage, making it an excellent choice for helping to block soil erosion. 


 Tips for Maintenance of Green Mountain Boxwood

 One of the best ways to maintain Green Mountain Boxwood is to keep it properly pruned. Once every year, you should prune away about one-third of the shrub's branches to promote new growth and ensure that it remains dense and healthy. For best results, prune your shrubs before they enter their dormant period. Keep in mind that Green Mountain Boxwood is a shrub that grows best when it is kept neat, so be sure to remove any dead or diseased branches as they appear. Regularly watering your shrubs during drought is another essential part of maintenance. 


 Advantages of Green Mountain Boxwood

 There are many advantages to adding Green Mountain Boxwood to your landscape, including its ability to thrive in various soils and climates, its low maintenance requirements, and the fact that it can be used in several ways.



 Green Mountain Boxwood is a low-maintenance shrub that can be used in many applications in the landscape, including as a privacy hedge or foundation planting. This hardy evergreen shrub is well-suited for climates that receive cold winters and is an excellent choice for landscapers looking to add a long-lasting, attractive shrub to their yards. When planted in an adequately selected spot, Green Mountain Boxwood makes for a durable shrub that adds structure, texture, and color to any landscape.

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