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  • Hair Cap Moss
  • Hair Cap Moss

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    Hair Cap Moss

    Posted by Stephen Russell on Jan 26, 2022

    This did not give me a hard time from planting to growing. I just made the right choice of sourcing this from

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Hair Cap Moss grows naturally along forest streams, bogs, and even coastal plains.

Hair Cap Moss should have been named the Cure-All Moss because there is not a garden dilemma that this beautiful plant cannot solve. Out of the 15,000 species of moss, this one is the easiest to grow.

This hardy plant is growing on every continent, including Antarctica. This moss can grow naturally along forest streams, bogs, and even coastal plains. 

 This plant prefers partial shade, but it can also grow in shady or sunny parts of the garden. It is not a picky plant but thrives best in clay or sandy soil.

Moist soil conditions are best for optimal growth, but this hardy plant will tolerate slow draining areas and low moisture content. It is easy to see when the plant needs watering because the coloring diminishes slightly, and the leaves will curl tightly around the stem.

As soon as they receive water, though, the leaves spring back open. 

Hair Cap Moss prefers partial shade, but they can also grow in shady or sunny parts of the garden.

It is no surprise that this moss is the most commonly used in landscaping; this excellent plant is very diverse. In landscaping, it is commonly used for flower bed borders, ground cover, or where a pop of color is needed.

They even control erosion on uneven grounds; these mosses are also deficient in maintenance. They have an average life span of three to five years, reproduce effortlessly and stay green all year round. 

The average height of this moss is two to four inches, but this is one of the taller moss species and can grow up to twelve inches tall. This plant will sprout spores from the top for reproduction during the warmer seasons. Although the reproduction spore starts as light green, it can turn various yellow, orange, and red. 


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