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    Hedwigia Moss 5 sq ft.

    Posted by Lauren Biden on Jan 26, 2022

    A very lovely in its striking green color moss. Easy to maintain and just lushes out beautifully. I have this all year in my farm.

  • 5
    Hedwigia Moss

    Posted by Elizabeth Maciers on Aug 28, 2019

    the color of this is just amazing

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Hedwigia Moss is a Brilliant Green Ground Cover that is Exceptionally Eco-friendly with Minimal Fuss

Hedwigia Moss is recognized for its lovely dark green lushness and long tendrils in an unusual texture and growth when soils are moist. During dry periods, the moss turns fibrous and brittle, still featuring a unique and striking appeal. Not to worry, the plant bounces back quickly upon re-hydration.

Property owners frequently purchase this easy-growing moss for "green" roofs and sustainable landscapes. The plant also conserves water because it barely needs any to survive to remain green, and it also controls soil erosion and even cuts down on air pollution around a home or business. This particular moss features two very different appearances, depending on natural climate changes.


Hedwigia Moss from the Hedwigiaceae family is Dependable and Versatile and not Picky about Where it Lays its Form.

It will grace rocks, boulders, asphalt, and wooded areas and be amenable to various soils, including clay, sandy, or well-drained. The plant is also sturdy and can tolerate foot traffic.

The dreadlocks-looking moss has an almost magical thing about it, and its lightweight features are robust. High winds cannot budge the moss growing on a roof. When planting this moss, nursery experts recommend keeping the colonies facing the same direction and layering them like shingles on a roof.

Hedweigia Moss needs lots of moisture to thrive.

When adorning boulders and other hardscapes, it's advised to create a soil pie mud mixture to the crevice where you desire the moss to grow. Hedweigia Moss is purchased as a bare-root plant and shipped according to square foot orders. Moss experts advise keeping the plant moist and outside until it is ready for putting down.

Hedwigia Moss is a Low-Profile Cushion Moss

Hedwigia Moss, also called white-tipped moss, is an evergreen perennial moss. These plants form a low-profile cushion that can grow up to one inch tall and one foot across, or sometimes more. The individual stems of this moss range from red to brown, spreading widely. You can find leaves surrounding and along the moss' stems, and the distribution of leaves is somewhat dense. Certain birds, including the American Robin and the Barn Swallow, often use this moss to construct their nests.

It Helps Provide Gardens and Landscapes with a Natural Look It uses either solid materials or acidic rocks as a substrate, and it can also grow in dolomite or limestone with a high pH. This moss is adaptable to various surfaces, like logs, soil, and roofing. Since it's able to tolerate a lot of sunlight, as well as drier conditions, it's a good option for rooftop or rock gardens.

This plant is found in Illinois, specifically in the northeast, east-central and southern areas. The most common habitats for this moss in Illinois include canyons with sandstone walls, rocky ridges, limestone rock faces, boulders and rocks found on woodland trails, stone walls of churches, and various roofing materials. It is found in other parts of North and South America, Australia, Africa, and Eurasia.

Sometimes the tips of the moss' leaves can be translucent white, which varies in appearance. The whiteness at the tips will change based on where the moss is found. The white tips also distinguish this type of moss from other kinds. As the moss leaves age, they may become even more white and translucent before withering.

This plant is a beautiful, bright green ground cover in landscape designs. This moss is different from other varieties and stands out in a garden. The plant's tendrils are long and bright green, and the plant has distinctive edges, which add to its attractiveness. It provides gardens and landscapes with a natural look and grows well in various conditions and soils.

Flowering Time: This plant has no flower; it is a non-flowering moss that works mainly as a ground cover.

Soil Requirements: Can grow in most terrains, including pavement, roofs, sidewalks, and even walls, as well as in dirt, bark chips, or forest floors. Hedwigia Moss makes a great green roof.

Pruning: Grows outward, not upward. If moss begins to look scraggly, you can trim it to get the desired look. However, regular pruning is unnecessary.

Flower Form: No flower, a plush green moss with long "arm" limbs stretching outward and giving a wool carpet look. Limbs could also make it look coral-like.

Hedwigia Moss is For Sale at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery with Fast Shipping and Low Rates


Hedwigia Moss is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

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