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Hickory Trees can grow to be 100 feet tall and are a large tree species.

Hickory Trees

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The Benefits of Growing the Hickory Tree 

The average person may not be able to recognize what a Hickory Tree is, but we assure you that it is a worthwhile addition to your yard. These sturdy trees are native to the United States and are commonly found in the state of Indiana. Here we will explain the top benefits of growing Hickory trees in your yard.


Edible Fruit: 

 The fruit of the Hickory Tree comes in the form of nuts. There are several varieties of Hickory Trees that all produce a different type of nut. The most well-known nut provided is the Black Walnut. The nuts grow in a hard shell casing and must be cracked to release the actual nut. These nuts can be eaten raw but can be better utilized in recipes. A variety of baked goods are enhanced with the use of Black Walnuts, including banana bread and walnut cookies. We recommend Hickory Trees to those who want a multipurpose tree that provides a food source as well. 


Valuable Lumber: 

 Hickory Trees can grow to be 100 feet tall and are a large tree species. If you decide to cut Hickory Trees down, their lumber is highly valuable. Most often, the lumber is used for building high-end furniture. A single piece of Hickory furniture can sell for thousands of dollars and is in high demand. Hickory lumber can also be used for cooking. People often use Hickory to smoke meat. There are even barbeque sauces that use Hickory smoke to infuse their sauce. The lumber of the Hickory Tree is seen to be very valuable and has many uses from building furniture to smoking meat.



 Not only are Hickory Trees magnificent due to their enormous size and width, but they are also a beautiful and vibrant tree species. The Hickory Tree is a species of Deciduous tree and produces colorful, eye-catching leaves. Most of the year, the leaves are various shades of green, but in the Fall, the tree becomes a painting of colors. This tree produces red, orange, and yellow leaves that make it a site to see. If you want a way to add a splash of color to your yard, then the Hickory Tree is one of the best additions. 


 Overall, the Hickory Tree is a large tree species that has a lot to offer. They are bright and provide a variety of nuts that can be utilized by both humans and animals. This is a valuable tree when it comes to lumber and makes a beautiful addition to large yard spaces.


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