How To Exterminate Pests

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 31, 2016

It requires the right method of extermination that will get rid of the pests that will harm plants while keeping the insects that will do great good to your garden. It is not a good idea to mass extermination your entire garden by a company that will lace all kinds of harmful chemicals on insects, and it will pose harm to your garden along with domestic animals. To target your extermination practices, trying using natural ingredients like citrus and pepper juice to kill certain insects who are always after your garden. Using organic pesticides is a simple method of making home remedies that will save you money and will not harm plants and pets. Targeting certain insects that are destroying your garden will keep the good creatures that enhance your garden like earthworms and ladybugs. Earthworms help loosen up the soil and will add the necessary manure to keep soil healthy. Ladybugs also eat insect larvae that pose harm to your garden. It is also recommended that some of these harmful insect larvae be left around in order to attract ladybugs that will swoop in and eat annoying insects. In order for ladybugs to come to your garden there must be a steady food source. It may seem like a crazy idea not to deal with an insect problem, but it will pay off in the long-run since lady bugs will not only eat them in droves, but they will lay eggs of their own which will be helpful to your environment.

Mass spraying of pesticides will kill both ladybugs and earthworms, and these creatures will save you a lot of time and money by eliminating pests and building soil without you having to do anything. Indiscriminate spraying of pesticides also kills bees that need your garden of flowers to pollinate the earth. Bee pollination is what keeps plants growing all over the earth and sustains our crop supply. Without bees there would be no crop production and mass starvation around the world would increase. This is why it is so necessary that bees are not killed off by synthetic pesticides. Besides the bees, mass spraying of pesticides also kills off butterflies and will keep away humming birds who will add some beauty and color to your garden. In order to maintain a healthy, lush garden, it is always best to keep spraying down to a minimum. Do some research and find out how to target a certain pest that is bothering your garden.