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Japanese Black Pine - 4" Plantable Peat Pot

Japanese Black Pine - 4" Plantable Peat Pot

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Japanese Black Pine - 4" Plantable Peat Pot

The  Japanese Black Pine

The Japanese Black Pine is native to Japan and South Korea. But it is a tree that grows well in adverse conditions. It is distinctive in many ways. This tree tends to increase between 20'-60' but can grow as tall as 100' in the wild. The tree loves sandy and more acidic soils and is perfect for planting along coastlines. Those trees planted on the coast tend to be shorter and more horizontal in growth.

Another distinctive feature of the Japanese Black Pine is that its branches tend to grow horizontally. It creates a very rugged but pleasing look. This tree is used often in Asian style gardens, besides being prolific and well-liked in its native country. This is a tree that works well with niwaki. Niwaki is the art of wiring, pruning and otherwise the following bonsai like maintenance to twist the branches and make it look like a giant bonsai. The main difference between niwaki and bonsai is that in creating bonsai, the roots are trimmed.

The bark on the Japanese Black Pine, once matured is turned a dark gray and is very rough and pitted and rugged looking. It goes well with the overall aesthetic of this tree. The needles tend to live for 3-5 years before turning light brown and falling off in spring. Pine cones are produced once the trees reach five years of age and tend to be smaller. The pine cones can also grow in clusters of up to 50 which means those cones are smaller.

These trees can tolerate a little cold but ultimately do best in zones 6 - 9 and tend to prefer the hotter climates. Once established the trees are very drought tolerant. They also tolerate the salt and seaside conditions exceptionally well. Well-drained soils and sun are the conditions that make this tree thrive.

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