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We sell only bare root plants. We dip the roots in tera-sorb silicone gel to retain ample moisture for transit and surround with plastic. This is superior protection for plants in transit for up to 12 days.

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Jewelweed Plants are Water Loving Plants that Hummingbirds Love

Jewelweed, or spotted touch-me-not plant, is often called Jewelweed. This Plant thrives in shaded areas where it will stay consistently moist in growing zones 2 to 11.

This attractive option usually grows to be about two feet tall, and it often spreads to be about 2.5 feet wide. This Plant will continue to grow taller and broader until late summer.

This Plant produces flowers on single-leaf axils in the summer. The orange flowers that may have a yellow tinge have reddish-brown spotting. These dangling flowers are often about one inch long. They have a unique cornucopia shape and rear spurs.

If you examine this Plant closely, you will also notice flower buds that never open. These buds are minuscular and appear on the lower part of the Plant. It can be tough to see them because this Plant's beautiful foliage often hides them.

Spotted Touch-me-not Seed Capsules

After the flowers fade in the fall, this Plant puts on seed capsules. If you bump the capsules, they will split open and disperse the seeds. The following spring, the seeds will sprout and grow into another plant. While this Plant is annual, you can count on it reappearing in the spring for many years because of its ability to dispense seeds.

Spotted Touch-me-not Leaves

These plants also have bluish-green leaves that are oval with very coarse teeth. Each leaf can be up to 3.5 inches long. Each leaf can be up to one inch wide. Leaves appear alternatively, with one leaf appearing on each leaf node.

The Plant's leaves are unusual because they have a special coating that repels water. While water usually drops off, if the leaf is horizontal, the water drops stay on the leaves and look like sparkling jewels.

The jewelweed plant is beneficial for several reasons.

 First, if you get a case of poison ivy, rub some of the juice from this Plant on the spot, and the itching will stop. Secondly, this colorful Plant is a great way to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your yard. It is a very healthy option that most pests will leave alone.

This Plant thrives in soils where others often have trouble growing. Therefore, it is a beautiful addition to low spots in your landscaping or a native plant garden. If you have a water feature in your landscaping, consider planting this option alongside. It also does well in clay and other soils, where many plants have trouble pushing their roots through the soil.

Jewelweed Plants Are For Sale Online at Tn Nursery

Jewel Plant - Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri. It is native to South Africa and Namibia. It's grown in temperatures varying between thirty degrees and fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

These Plants are rosette succulents and have short stems or no stem at all. They grow in clumps with yellow, orange, or pink flowers. Their many long leaves are bumpy and triangular; They're usually anywhere from green, blue, red, gray, or purple. The leaves can grow up to two centimeters in length.

The Plant doesn't require much water except in spring and fall. However, it must be kept dry in cooler temperatures. It is also known as Living Rock due to its stiff leaves and appearance.

It grows in a flat mat that can be divided and transplanted for it to multiply. Plant it in the spring, and you'll see it flower within two years.

This beautifully unusual Plant is also called Living Rock because of the name's Greek origins. Titanos and opsis are Greek words that come together to form Titanopsis. Titanos translates as "limestone," and opsis translates as "looking like."

The most common area to place your Plant is in a primarily sunny space. This Plant needs direct sunlight in the winter and semi-direct sunlight during the summer. It's grown quickly with a sandy mixture of soil. The roots are tube-like, so find a pot or area with a generous growing diameter. This Plant completes most of its growth during the winter months. During the summer, it's all about maintenance and keeping the Plant dry.

These Plants are a unique addition to any indoor or outdoor garden space. They're easy to grow and care for. They're low maintenance and offer beautiful blooms and unique leaf formations. As perennials, Jewel Plants will come back each year when shown adequate care.

This Weed is a Colorful Blooming Vine

It has vibrant green leaves, thin translucent stems, and bright trumpet-shaped orange flowers that start blooming in the spring and show until the early fall, but it is not just for its looks that Jewelweed is highly prized.

Instead, the Plant's centuries-long use as an effective treatment for poison ivy and oak is why people love growing it in their gardens.

This Plant is Highly Prized for its use as an Effective Poison Ivy and Poison Oak Treatment.

This Weed is effortless to take care of and will also attract honeybees and hummingbirds that arrive throughout the year to fertilize the plants.

Jewel Weed is available online at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Co.



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