Lombardy Poplar Tree

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Common Name- Lombardy poplar Latin Name- Populus nigra Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9a Mature Height- 50-60 feet Mature Width- 10-15 feet Bloom Season- Early spring
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Ships In Fall (Near End of October)

Lombardy Poplar Tree - Ships In Size 1-3 Feet In Height

The Lombardy Poplar Tree is a very popular gardening variety found originally near the Italian Po River. Gardeners have used these fast-growing members of the willow family of broad-leaf, deciduous trees to create vertical height in their landscaping projects. Lombardy Poplars can create better homes and gardens.

Fast-Growing Immediate Gratification

Sometimes, you want to get immediate gratification from a tree, you plant. If you fix up properties for resale, the Lombardy Poplar Tree might be just right for you.

The Lombardy Poplar Tree might grow as fast as 6 feet per year. 

This is a very hardy tree. This Lombardy tree loves full sun with moist, rich, well-draining soils. The Italian Poplar has yellow leaves in the fall.

Vertical Landscaping Dimension

The most experienced landscapers will choose plants that add certain features to their gardens (i.e. color, shape or dimensions). The Lombardy Poplar Tree is quite popular for adding height to any space.

Unlike most tree branches, which will spread out horizontally, the Lombardy Poplar branches will extend upwards. They start low to the ground and flow parallel to the ground, like columns, towers or smoke stacks. Therefore, if you want to add height to your garden, you might want to buy these trees.

Many cities have used these poplars as ornamental avenue trees due to their fast-growing hardiness; also, the height attracts singing birds. One of the many famous Lombardy Poplar Tree plantings includes the tomb of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Lombardy Poplars are ideal for creating a dense, privacy hedge. Homeowners can see real results, quite rapidly.
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