Mulberry Tree

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Latin Name- Morus USDA 3 - 9 Mature Height- 15-3 ft Mature Width- 10-15 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun
Price Per 100 Plants (required)
Ships In Fall (Near End of October)

Mulberry Trees - Ships in 1-3 feet height

The mulberry tree is one of the prettiest trees you will find to plant in your yard that will not grow so large you cannot take care of it. These trees produce a succulent fruit that you may pick each year, and it is a lovely talking point when you are showing off your home and garden. The habitable zone for these plants is the entirety of the United States east of the Mississippi River, and they grow to a moderate height.

#1: Their Beauty

You will find that the mulberry tree is fun for you to watch grow because it grows from a baby to a mature adult without taking over your lawn. You may prune this tree yourself over the course of many years, and you may pick its fruits throughout the year as they grow in different ways during that time.

#2: Is It Edible?

The soft leaves and warm color are a perfect complement for any lawn, and you will find that the tree grows at a slow speed. You will not be overwhelmed by it, and it will produce fruit often that is edible. You will confuse many people who come over when they see the tree because they will want to know what it is. The mere sound of the words mulberry tree makes it much more fun to plant and tend.

Hiding a mulberry tree on your property may be one of the most-exciting things you do. You will become an expert in these trees over time as you must tend them carefully. They will not grow to be too large, and you may choose to transplant them when you move.
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