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Mulberry Tree

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We ship all plants usps priority mail. They arrive to most locations within 2-3 days. We package all plants to retain moisture to up to 10 days in transit. All plants ships from our warehouses in Tennessee. All plants are grown and shipped from out Altamont (zip) 37301 location. We do drop ship for re-sellers also for those wanting to resell our plants.

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All plants are dug and immediately taken to our warehouse and tera-sorb moisture retention gel is applied to the roots and then wrapped in plastic to retain superior moisture for transit. They are placed in corogated cardboard shipping boxes for protection when shipped

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Upon receipt of your plants, unpack and unwrap the roots and mist with water. Plant within 24-48 hours. If you can not plant within this time frame, put your plants in a cool location (ex- basement, garage or cellar) and water the roots daily. Cover them back up with the plastic so they will not dry out until you can plant them. After planted, water every evening after the sun goes down for 5 days.


Mulberry Trees For Sale at Low Grower Prices at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery


The Many Advantages Of Planting Mulberry Trees 


 Consider planting mulberry trees when you landscape your space. This versatile tree offers over 200 varieties suited to many climates and locations.


 Mulberry trees are fast-growing and provide a spreading canopy of shade in a few short years. That is one reason that they are desirable for many landscapes. They often have leaves with varying shapes, so they are interesting specimens when seen up close. Some of the lobed, serrated leaves are heart-shaped; others are described as looking like mittens.


 Those people who want to encourage birds and other wildlife will find the mulberries themselves to be an attractive feature. They may want to harvest some of these mild delicious drupes for their dining pleasure. They can be eaten as is, or baked into pies and cobblers. Mulberries also can be made into jams and jellies.


 Property owners who do not want the birds to leave mulberry stains around their property can still take advantage of these lovely trees by purchasing "fruitless" mulberries. Fruitless mulberries are male white mulberry trees (Morus alba variety). These trees grow up to 50 feet tall. Many mulberry varieties can suit almost any climate and offer shade and beauty to the area. Another white mulberry of interest is the contorted "Unryu" mulberry. This is also a large tree with twisted or contorted branches.


 Attractive characteristics of mulberry trees, besides their fast growth, are their adaptability and long life. They do not require heavy feeding to prosper and will continue to grow for many years. In Missouri, there is a white mulberry tree that is 48 feet tall with a span of 57 feet across. It likely came up in the fence row of a farmstead in the late 1800s. It is just one example of the enduring fruit tree.


 Besides the white mulberry, there are other varieties, such as the red mulberry (Morus rubra) which grows to a similar height. It has darker fruit and usually has both male and female flowers on one tree, so it is not a fruitless variety. It does well on rural properties and in the city as well. Mulberry trees do not seem to be damaged by pollution in city environments. They are resistant to diseases and pests.


 The black mulberry (Morus nigra) is a smaller tree, usually growing to about thirty-five feet. It also produces darker colored fruit and is more suited to smaller spaces than the white or red varieties. For real garden interest, there is a variety of fruiting black mulberry called the weeping mulberry. It has a growth habit that trails downward and grows to no more than twelve feet tall and sixteen wide. There is also a non-fruiting white weeping mulberry. Morus alba pendula maybe just the specimen plant your home landscape needs.


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