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Mulch & Supplies

How Mulch Protects and Helps Plants Grow

Landscaping a beautiful garden sets your desired tone for the ambiance of your home or business. Building an aesthetically pleasing garden creates fluidity between nature and human-made pieces. Landscaping preserves natural elements found within architecture, defines property lines, and adds to the quality of your space through color and texture.

Flowers and plants aid in adding beauty to the spaces in which they blossom and grow. Transforming your lawn into the garden of your dreams takes time, but it is possible with the help of mulch! Using mulch to design your garden assists with transitioning from an ugly green lawn to an eye-catching garden. Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of the soil. Some of the benefits mulch provides include conserving moisture within the land, improving the health and fertility of the earth, and reducing the growth of bothersome weeds.

Mulch comes in a variety of forms including grass clippings, wood chips, bark chips, peat moss, straw, hay, gravel, pebbles, stone, rubber, garden plastic, cocoa bean hulls, and landscape fabric. Mowing your lawn and using the grass clippings as mulch aid with the growth of vegetable gardens and shrubs. Cocoa bean hulls provide your garden with a fragrant coffee scent. Gravel, pebbles, and stone absorb heat during the day and release heat into your plants at night.

Different plants in varying climates require the use of various forms of mulch. Using mulch in environments with high temperatures reduces the amount of evaporation soil experiences, and keeps plants at a cold temperature. Applying mulch to the soil in cold climates protects roots from the cold. Plants can be stressed by pathogens, critters, insects, floods, and droughts. Mulch relieves plants of these majors points of stress.
Most importantly, as the mulch breaks down, it provides a variety of nutrients into the soil. The process of mulching creates beautiful, healthy plants. For a more sustainable garden, we highly recommend giving mulch a try!