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Native Wild Plants

Native Wild Plants Have Many Uses In Mitigation & Landscaping

If you're looking for plants to clean up swampy areas or perhaps to soak up a little moisture from ears of standing water, try wild plants. The help preserves and clean and is probably the #1 staple of wildlife also to feed on. Native plants that work well in upland or wetland areas are subtle in appearance and also are super easy to grow and requires very little maintenance.

Native Wild plants also help feed birdss, deer and other wild animals.

They also help feed fish and reptiles. Cattails, bulrush, duck potato and wild blueberry plants are well thought of staples for wild type plants also.

Native wild plants- wetland plants are a beautiful addition to any pond.

Mitigation projects and stream bank restoration plantings often require native plants to stop soil erosion and to rebuild the areas where wildlife have evacuated because of fires and floods.

Native Wild Plants