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    Pee Gee Hydrangea

    Posted by Linda Burton on Jan 26, 2022

    I had this planted a year ago and experienced it blooms partly full. Excited for this coming summer though

  • 5
    Pee Gee hydrangeas

    Posted by Polly Klein on Aug 29, 2019

    I just love the hint of pink in the blooms; just gorgeous.

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Pee Gee Hydrangeas are Flowering Deciduous Shrubs 

Pee Gee Hydrangeas tend to do well in clay soil that's adequately drained.

However, it's important to note that their specific spreads and heights always vary based on growing and pruning conditions. These shrubs typically flower, starting in the middle of the summer. They sometimes even bloom as late as the end of the summer. People plant Pee Gee Hydrangeas to see their significant quantities of attractive flowers. They're favorite decorative plants. Pee Gee Hydrangeas are shrubs that usually grow relatively quickly. They often attain annual boosts in height that surpass two feet, surprisingly enough. They should get this amount of sunlight daily.

The shrubs tend to do well in the land that's rich, damp, loamy, and acidic as well. These hydrangeas possess striking and memorable physical appearances. They create sizable white flower panicles that become an unusual and pleasant pinkish-purple color during the summer. Their panicles are between six and eight inches in length. This occurs when the shrubs have been thinned to between five and ten shots.

Pee Gee Hydrangeas make a Stunning Addition to Any Garden or Landscape.

These shrubs have rounded forms and leaves that are between medium and deep green. Their leaves grow to be between three and six inches long. They're equipped with serrated margins, too. Pee Gee Hydrangea can adjust to many different climate types and make a great addition to your garden or home. Pee Gee Hydrangea are perfect plants.

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 This shrub is a Landscape Enhancing, Flowering Shrub. It is a versatile tree that will enhance any garden with its beautiful blooms. It's a showy bloomer that's easy to grow. It is adaptable and blooms large blossoms in mid-to-late- summer. The clusters of white flowers last a long time, and as they age, the blooms turn many lovely shades from pale pink to deep red until the fall. The flowers are fantastic for decorating projects and are great for drying.

This Hydrangea is a Beautiful, Elegant addition to Landscape and is Fantastic for Decorating Projects and Drying.

These are flowering shrubs; the spread can vary due to pruning and their growing conditions. These beautiful shrub's white flowers bloom in the mid to late summer and last a long time before turning a light pink and then fading to tan and eventually brown for the winter. These are great for a whole sun landscape and are perfect for the yard owner that likes to admire blooms all year long as they can be staggered with other earlier blooming plants. This shrub is also good for the yard owner that wants a Hydrangea tree as the base can be pruned and trained to make a tree.


This versatility makes it desirable and adds a unique quality to a beautiful plant. This particular ability is sometimes called the "tree hydrangea." This Hydrangea is lush with dark green leaves that grow oval and whorl towards the tips of the leaves.

It blooms from July to September, unleashing a bounty of creamy white flowers that create cone-shaped panicles. The flowers turn into a lovely shade of light pink over time and give off a strong, sweet scent. Thinning of the plant can lead to an increase in the size of the flower panicles. The branches of this plant start in the center and reach out in a fountain formation. It gives it an elegant appearance when not pruned as a tree. The bark is a brown color with a hint of gray, but it is not visible if the plant is not pruned.

These hydrangeas' fast growth rate and density make them ideal as hedges, but they also work well as eye-catching lawn specimens trained to grow as small trees.

This plant can handle different soil pHs; it will be fine if it cares for feeding, watering, and fertile soils. It is best planted somewhere with plenty of shade; as long as it can get some morning sunshine, you're golden. Take care when purchasing due to its toxicity when ingested. You can do that by selecting the straightest stem in the spring, pruning away the other stems (which you will continue yearly), and adding support to the chosen stem.

It has a large bloom that can use in floral arrangements, brought indoors, used as a fragrance on a table, or mixed with other flowers to create an elegant masterpiece. The ideas about this plant and its blooms are endless.

Pee Gee Hydrangea is For Sale at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery with Quick Shipping and Low Prices







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