Aug 27, 2012

Once you begin the art of cultivating plants, you’ll find a seemingly never-ending list of flower options. For example, you can choose flowers that last for one season along with plants that share beautiful blooms year after year. You may also run across a hybrid, which will bloom for one season, but replant itself to blossom again the following year.


When you select perennials for your garden, you’ll receive value as the plants will continue to produce beautiful flowers every year. With options that include mums, salvia, and tulips, your landscaping will have color beginning in the early spring and lasting until the chilly nights of fall.

Shade Perennials

If your landscaping requires plants that prefer sheltered areas, then you’ll need a few shade perennials. With options that include ajuga, geraniums, and hostas, your yard will have plenty of greenery to enhance your landscaping. Shade perennials give your garden depth and greater visual interest. When you practice your gardening skills, you’ll begin selecting perfect blends for your yard’s flowerbeds.

As you choose flowers for your garden, you should select a variety of plants. For instance, when your tulips begin to die, you’ll want another flower to begin blossoming, such as a honeysuckle plant. With proper garden planning, you, your family, and your neighbors will enjoy your home’s landscaping from spring to fall.