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This plant is a flowering vine is the perfect ground cover. This plant spreads at a moderate speed. The flowers this plant creates look amazing. The leaves of this plant are very dark green with purple blotches. This coloration makes it a hit among growers. The blooming time is in mid-spring to late summer.

Ajuga Reptans

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This perennial is also known as American Bugleweed.  Bugleweed makes a great addition to any flower garden bed. This perennial has green leaves and the purplish flowers begin to bloom in May through June. These perennials are very easy to grow too.This perennial is a great way to make your home look good and really stand out, because no matter where you plant it, it looks good and adds plenty of color.


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This is a very pretty looking perennial plant. The plant prefers mesic or slightly drier types of soils. The plant is known for it beautiful purple flower that blooms in the spring months. This plant also has nice green leaves that compliment the flower. This is a great plant for any home or flowerbed. This plant can make any place look goods.

Lark Spur

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May Apple

May Apple

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Perennials For Ohio

These beautiful perennials have been hand selected just for the state of Ohio.  These have been picked due to them thriving so well in the state.  They are also some of our best sellers.  Often types this type of plant is considered to the backbone of many gardens.  They will be sure to bring lots of different colors right to your yard.  We have lots to offer of this specific type of plant.  With six pages of perennials we are confident that all our customers will be able to find the right plant just for their gardens or yards.  As always if you any additional comments or opinions to help us further help you, please do not hesitate to leave a comment at the end of your purchase in the comment section.