The Top Shade Perennials for Your Home or Office Garden

 To increase your property's curb appeal, carefully consider your landscaping setup. For example, consider adding beautiful flowers, including shade perennials. There are plenty of shade perennials from which to choose. These beautiful plants will grow well in various conditions, creating a masterpiece that will last throughout the year. What are a few examples of shade perennials you may want to include in the garden in your home or office? At Tennessee Nursery, we are proud to provide a wide selection from which you can choose. 

Phlox Perennials

If you are looking for shade perennials, consider Phlox. It is a gorgeous flower many people love to use as ground cover. It requires minimal care while ranking among the most popular flowers in the world. Phlox comes in various colors, including purple, pink, and blue. Finally, there are a lot of varieties that bloom early in the Spring. Others bloom in the summer. Text the suitable variety to meet your needs. 

Bloodroot Perennials

It would be best if you also thought about Bloodroot. As the name suggests, they have a deep color. They usually grow to approximately 8 inches in height. They spread out 6 inches wide. With gorgeous wife flowers, they have a deep yellow, the golden center that makes the flower look like a blooming water lily. One of the most potent flowers in North America, this flower usually blooms relatively early in the Spring. They can withstand various environmental conditions, so you should be able to take care of them quickly.

Virginia Bluebell Perennials

Finally, think about Virginia bluebells. It is a trendy flowering plant that produces pastel pink buds. Eventually, they grow to approximately 1 inch, creating lavender flowers that look like tiny trumpets. At full height, these flowers could be 2 ft tall. In addition, they routinely attract butterflies, making them a popular addition to just about any garden. They tend to bloom during the Spring. Then, they spread out as the years go by. If you are looking for a fun investment you can include in your garden, consider going with this flower. 

Find the Right Shade Perennials with the Help of Tennessee Nursery

 If you are still determining what flowers to choose, that is okay! Our team is here to assist you. At Tennessee Nursery, we will work with you, helping you find the perfect flowers to meet your expectations. Contact our professional they can assist you! 

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