Pink Spirea Shrub

  • Pink Spirea Shrub
  • Pink Spirea Shrub

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    Pink Spirea Shrub

    Posted by Jeremy Ross on Jan 26, 2022

    I love this shrub because it is easy to care and exudes a beautiful pink color every time it fully blooms.

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Pink Spirea Shrub is an Excellent Shrub For Your Yard because of its eye-catching beauty and easy care.

Pink Spirea is both flexible and easy to grow.

The plants are of two varieties: spring blooming and summer blooming. 

The spring-blooming plant has arched branches filled with clusters of cascading white flowers, and the summer blooming boasts upright stems filled with pink, white, and even red blossoms. 

Spirea does excellent in nearly every hardy zone, and spring and fall planting produces the best results. Since bushes can grow between two and six feet, it's best to plant in an area large enough to accommodate growth. Aesthetically, they are ideal as a property border or even grown cover. Make sure your shrub has full sunlight. There's nothing wrong with a bit of shade, but too much can stunt the plant's growth.

Spireas are known to be a bit unruly, so they may need to be trimmed back now and then.

 Spirea also comes in different distinct varieties:


  • Japanese Spirea: This type of shrub has the most variety in terms of colors and size. There are tiny dwarfs and larger shrubs that grow up to 5 feet. The plant often produces violet, white, red, pink, and the occasional yellow.
  • Bridal Wreath Spirea: This produces small carnation-like white flowers that can grow up to 8 feet in height and 8 feet in width. The dark green leaves change to red and orange in the fall.
  • Nippon Spirea: This is a graceful shrub that boasts white clusters of bouquet flowers. Bluish-green leaves sprout in the summer months. They grow 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide.
  • Birchleaf Spirea: Adorned with small white flowers, the Birchleaf usually appears in summer and autumn. Shrubs grow from 3 to 5 feet in height.
  • Early Spirea: This shrub boasts peculiar umbrella-shaped white flowers. The early spring bloomers grow from 3 to 4 feet.



Planting this shrub is a cinch. Just a touch of fertilizing and moderate watering is all that is needed. Depending on the variety, this shrub should be planted anywhere from 2 to 15 feet apart.

This species is non-invasive, so they won't interfere with tree roots or take over other plants. 

This shrub is deer resistant, but it does attract bees and butterflies.

Pink Spirea is for sale online at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Co.



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