Plants For Texas


Plants That Work Well Planted In Texas


Certain types of plants are better suited for different regions. It would seem ridiculous to plant Desert Palm Trees in the snow-capped mountains of Colorado, so why would it be any less ill-advised to add plants to your garden that can't naturally thrive where you live?


Plants Perfect For Texas Droughts and Floods


 Living in Texas means dealing with droughts, sweltering heat, and a myriad of soils with questionable quality. It means you can maintain the appeal of your garden, home, or patio. The great thing about the world of botany is that there are beautiful and reasonably manageable.


 Texas has quite a few native plants that fit the criteria of being visually appealing. The Hibiscus is a plant that gives off bright, vividly colored flowers. The Hibiscus, while not very drought-tolerant, will revive itself and grow back during each Spring season.


 Salvia is another perennial, like the Hibiscus, but is much better suited for dry soil and hot and humid weather. They host small purple flowers reminiscent of lavender. 


Plants For Texas at TN Nursery


 For something a little larger, you can consider a hard-wood tree, such as an Oak, or even non-native trees, like Sycamores from California. These last a long time with very little to no work required after having been established. They naturally suck up as much water as possible, but they also won't die if water is limited for a long time. They can even act as shade and shelter for other plants in your garden or as a place to spend time outside your house.


 By taking advantage of plants suited to grow in Texas, you give yourself a few upper hands in gardening. You eliminate the prospect of invasive plant species because you are choosing plants that will grow in harmony with each other rather than one that overtakes the rest and destroys your garden. Hand-picking appropriate plants will also save you time and money. You spend less water on the plants and time taming and managing them.

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