Privet Hedges

Privet Hedges

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 23, 2017

A Privet hedge can add a special touch to the curb appeal of a home. There are many species of privets; each species has its distinct beauty and traits. Some have big and beautiful leaves, while others have colorful flowers. Also, these plants allow you to cut, shape and personalize them. You can also use them to add privacy to a home by acting as a fence or a barrier. This article will talk about four different types of hedges: the California privet, privet hedge, northern privet, and the common privet. I hope that this article will help better to inform you on the different specimens of privets.

The California privet: The California privet, otherwise known as the Ligustrum ovalifolium, is a type of plant species in Japan. It is a type of semi-evergreen plant that has gorgeous colorful flowers and small fruits. The leaves of this plant are somewhat low; they are a little bit lower than a small credit card. Also, this shrub can do well in partial sun or full sunlight.

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Privet Hedge: Privet hedges are the most common type of shrubs for the home. What is great about this plant is that it serves two functions: it can add curb appeal to a home or business and add extra privacy to a home. They are usually cut or pruned to form the classic hedge shape, but you can easily give it more ways because of its dense foliage. They grow tiny white flowers during the spring, which are there until the early spring; the same goes for the little fruits produced. This type of plant is classified into the genus known as the Lingustrum plants. Also, the colors of the privet hedges vary from species to species and can also be classified as evergreen, semi-evergreen or deciduous. The size of this plant is usually a maximum of four feet fifteen inches, and the spread is around four to eight feet in length.

They also work great to provide borders for sidewalks, driveways and also other landscapes.  They work great when used to landscape around a home, and several are planted.  They bring great curb appeal and also supply a neat and arranged look around homes.

Northern Privet: This plant, like the name implies, grows in the northern hemisphere of the United States. It is an evergreen plant, which makes it suitable to grow in the colder northern climate. This plant produces little fruits that birds commonly eat. Also, it provides tiny flowers that have a delicious, fragrant smell.

Regal Privet: This type of plant is a privet that can be either semi-evergreen or evergreen. It also produces thick leaves that can be pruned and shaped. Also, this plant grows both small flowers and tiny fruits. This type of plant can grow to be up to thirty feet in height and twenty feet in length.