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Bishop Weed - 25 Plants

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Bugleweed -Variegated Bishops Weed

Aegopodium podagraria ranks among the fast-growing ground covers and can upgrade underused spaces. Known for its white-tinged, blue-green foliage, Variegated Bishop’s Weed garners attention when filling out full- to partial-shade areas of any landscape. During the hot summer months, this vigorous low-growing perennial delivers lovely white flowers that resemble those of Queen Anne’s Lace.

Although some consider Variegated Bishop’s Weed something of an invasive variety, it has proven itself a valued gardening asset. It adapts seamlessly to wide-reaching soil types and weather conditions. Home and commercial property owners often employ Variegated Bishop’s Weed as a go-to plant to succeed in spaces when others fail. These typically include deeply shaded nooks and crannies, steep slopes, and between hardscape elements to suppress uninvited weeds that detract from deftly manicured grounds.

How To Cultivate Deploy Variegated Bishop’s Weed

One of the fascinating benefits of working with Variegated Bishop’s Weed is that it requires almost no maintenance and care. It generally thrives during rainy seasons and shows little to no signs of foliage loss through minor drought spells. Prolonged water loss can result in the leaves crisping or burning.

To reduce gardening chores, plant it in the round once and watch it conquer barren areas while friends and family members tout your green thumb prowess. Sometimes working with plants, others consider invasive delivers rewards. These are fast facts to consider when planting Variegated Bishop’s Weed.

  • Sunlight:Partial sun to full shade. It can grow in full sun with consistent watering.
  • Soil Choices:Prefers moist, well-drained Alkaline soil but can succeed in others.
  • Water:Optimal conditions involve watering once weekly but can sustain short droughts.
  • Blooming:White flowers emerge during summer.
  • GrowthReaches a mature height of up to 14 inches and spreads quickly.

Home and property owners may consider rethinking the term “cultivation” when applying it to Variegated Bishop’s Weed. The perennial flourishes and spreads with such resilience that gardening enthusiasts may be tasked with controlling it. That’s why integrating it into defined spaces with rigid boundaries tends to be effective.

When covering large spaces with this gorgeous ground cover, it’s not uncommon to mow it to control it periodically.

Variegated Bishop’s Weed returns with fresh, vibrant, and healthier greenery

This lush perennial can also be transplanted easily, spread by seeds, or clipped and passed along, making it a cost-effective gardening asset.

Select Variegated Bishop’s Weed From Our TN Nursery

We hope this Variegated Bishop’s Weed overview proves helpful when completing your landscape. This blue-green, flowering perennial thrives in spaces others may not, making it a reliable ground cover for residential and commercial landscapes. If you have further questions, our nursery professionals can assist you. We stock a complete inventory of Variegated Bishop’s Weed and other perennials to complete your garden. Contact our TN nursery today.