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Box Elder Tree

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Box Elder Tree (Acer negundo)

Box Elder Tree: Acer negundo, the box elder tree, is a fast-growing, long-living North American native species and member of the maple tree family. It is a hardy species that grows in the entire contiguous United States.

Because it is so adaptable to a wide temperature range, it is a favorite for both gardeners and landscapers throughout the U.S. It plays a prominent role in parks, installed along boulevards and sidewalks, and in backyards as a shade tree.

Some other common names for Acer negundo are the following:
  • Ash-Leaf Maple
  • Ashleaf maple
  • Boxelder

The name and spelling variations all refer to the same lovely tree.

The Box Elder Tree Is a Resilient Species

The box elder tree is pollution-resistant, disease-resistant, and drought-resistant after it lays down healthy roots. It's attractive to wildlife, including birds, butterflies, and bees--each species is a pollinator that can foster plant health.

When you plant the box elder tree, ensure you find a full sunshine location. It also needs well-draining but moist soil; during an extended drought, you must provide about one to two inches of water per week.

The tree expends a lot of energy with its quick growth pattern of two to three additional feet per year, so add organic compost or fertilizer at least twice per year to keep it well-fed. Box elder trees in the coldest zones should receive an insulating cover of an inch or two of hardwood mulch before the snow flies.

The gardener does not need to do anything other than these few basic maintenance tasks to maintain the box elder tree.

The Box Elder Tree Is a Lovely Specimen

The box elder tree is a middle-sized tree, generally reaching a mature height of around fifty feet tall and with a forty-foot canopy width. The trunk is upright and light to medium brown.

The leaves are opposite on the brown stems, oval, serrated, and with lobes. The color is bright green on top and a bit lighter underneath. In late spring, they have tiny cream of yellow flowers; however, the size is so small they are almost unnoticeable.

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