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Bushy Bluestem Grass - 100 Plugs

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Bushy Bluestem :

The grassroots holds the valuable topsoil in place. Planting ornamental grasses aids erosion control. The plant's roots hold the soil together and prevent water run-off. The roots hold the valuable topsoil in place.

The grass bunches appeal in the fall and winter, with cinnamon and white coloring. During the growing season, the Grass shows blue stems. Finally, during the late summer, bushy flowers appear.

Ornamental grasses are not just pleasing to the eye for human onlookers. Wildlife enjoys these plants, too. Native grasses provide seeds for birds to feed upon and a habitat for birds and other species of animals. Butterflies and other insects utilize the grasses for a home, too.

When planting, place the crown of the Grass at the soil level and water the roots and surrounding ground slowly so as not to disturb the topsoil further. Keep the roots moist during dry or drought conditions, and you'll have beautiful ornamental Grass to enjoy year-round for many seasons.

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Bushy Bluestem Grass or Andropogon glomeratus is a versatile, resilient, and beautiful Grass that will make your yard stand out. It's easy to grow and can be planted in the sun or shade. This Grass is the perfect choice for a durable, reliable, and flexible lawn.

Bushy Bluestem Grass is a beautiful ornamental grass that will add a touch of color to your garden.

This Grass grows in moist soils. It is a clump-forming, warm-season grass that forms a sturdy and upright tuft of tall, flattened leaf blades with bushy cream-colored flower clusters called panicles growing at the tips. This Grass can grow up to two meters or more.

When Do They Grow?

Emerging blue-green in spring, the foliage turns rich copper to red in fall. This Grass is a native perennial grass that grows in dense clumps up to 3-6 feet tall. It would help if you cut them late in the winter or early spring to encourage new growth. This Grass is otherwise low maintenance.

Where Do They Grow?

It is a challenging and durable ornamental grass grown in moist soils and prefers full sun and part shade. You may often find them growing naturally in the wild around swamps, ponds, and bogs. Bluestem can be planted in meadows and prairies to add a bit of flair to an otherwise straightforward plot of land. They are native to the southern and eastern United States.

How Do They Help Your Lawn?

Deer is not a big issue with this plant because it is resistant. On top of that, it also has no pest or disease issues. It is the perfect choice for any garden, lawn, or landscaping project because you don't have to worry as much about any invasive pests invading your yard. However, the grass will attract various bird and butterfly species.


It is a must-have for any landscape. This Grass is a beautiful ornamental grass native to the Americas. It loves moist soil and is easy to maintain. It's a great addition to any garden and will make your yard stand out.

  • Loves moist soil
  • Grows up to 2 meters tall
  • Produces feathery tuffs of flower clusters
  • Native to the U.S
  • Deer and pest resistant
  • Disease resistant
  • The growing period from late summer and early fall
  • Enjoys full sun and tolerates partial shade