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Cherokee Sedge Grass- 100 Plugs

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cherokee seedge

decent plugs,

Tresea Cannon
Cherokee Sedge

This is a wonderful addition to our yard.

Cherokee Sedge Grass is a Graminoid Plant that Grows in Clumps of Thin Leaves

Cherokee Sedge grass leaves are sharp, narrow, and have a deep shade of green. Sedges have hedges, and Cherokee sedge grass is no exception. They are perennial, with leaves that can grow between 6 and 18 inches tall and spread from 12 to 18 inches wide. They also have wheat-like seed spikes that develop during the fall season. They can bloom anytime between April and June. Their flowers are a subtle shade of greenish-white and not very significant in size.

Cherokee Sedge makes for Great Shade and Foliage.

Cherokee sedge grass is native to North America and can be found in the southeastern and south-central regions of the United States. They can be commonly found in Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri.

They require full sun to partly shaded conditions to thrive. They do well in medium to wet soil conditions and can be planted alongside streams or ponds. Their tolerance to damp soil makes them ideal for rain gardens or runoff buffers for streams. Cherokee sedge grass can be a good border for open or woodland gardens.

This Sedge also adds body and volume to otherwise modest rock gardens.

This grass is deer tolerant and does not have any essential disease concerns or insect issues. They are very hardy and low maintenance. However, they are not resilient to cold winter temperatures. Thus it is necessary to cut the foliage down to the ground.

Cutting the foliage down to the ground is done to avoid dealing with dry hard yellow husks that may impede regrowth later. The leaves can grow back relatively quickly during the spring. As long as their roots are left untouched, Cherokee sedge grass will reliably grow back annually.

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It is a Long-Lived, Perennial Grass The Sedge is a long-lived, perennial grass that grows in compact mounds. It is a native plant that grows from Texas to Florida and as far north as Ohio. It can grow in zones 6-9.

This Sedge is Deer Resistant and Thrives in Moist and Dry Soil Conditions

This green plant will reach its height of 12”-18” in just one year. It grows best in moist, wet soil with medium water use and partial shade. However, it has been known to be somewhat drought-tolerant. The Cherokee sedge is resistant to diseases, deer, insects, and foot traffic.

The stem of the Sedge is long and green. The leaves are a shiny dark green evergreen. They measure 6”-12” long, just ½” wide, and gracefully droop down. At the top, you can find small greenish-white scaly flowers that bloom from April until June. They have seed spikes in the shape of wheat that mature in the fall. These flowers will attract a variety of songbirds and pollinators. No matter how you use this green plant, you will love it for many years.

The Cherokee Sedge is a native grass or can classify as a perennial. There is no bloom on the Cherokee Sedge; it stays lush and green through the spring and summer months. This Sedge grows in the southeastern states from Tennessee down to the Gulf States; It is a versatile sedge because it can tolerate both heat and cold weather.

It is deer resistant and has long green stems. Most people only plant this around ponds, but with the look used around natural areas or water gardens. Cherokee Sedge is an excellent grass for fields and lawns. That is a prolonged spreading of grass. Cherokee Sedge also does well in moist and dry soil conditions. Cherokee Sedge is practically maintenance-free. It will look beautiful when growing.

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