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Shade Fern Variety - Package Of 100 Mixed Ferns

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Fern Reseller Variety Pack - 100 Bare Root Rhizomes

a Best Reseller Package Offered By:Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

Gardens and landscaping dramatically improve a property at a reasonable cost. We offer many ferns that improve the look of a yard and home and increase biodiversity and environmental sustainability. Plus, Ferns remove toxins such as arsenic from soil.

The fern family is an ancient grouping of plants in the world and provides a wide diversity of species.

Ferns flourish where many other plants don't- like in shady spots.

Ferns provide color and texture, particularly when mixed with other shade plants - such as hosta or heuchera.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery's Mixed Fern Package includes a variety of bare root ferns- such as Lady Ferns and ostrich Ferns. Hay Scented and Sensitive Ferns.

Get this best-selling package today from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.