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Hair Grass - Grass - 100 Plugs

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Hair Grass

Hair Grass is an absolute favorite, an ornamental foliage adder for any landscaping design. This plant features hair-like flowers that rise out of a dense clump. With a fibrous root system, this clump-forming grass-like foliage stabilizes disturbed sites along shorelines and streambanks.

Rising around two to three feet into the air, this cool-season plant provides an excellent source of shade to neighboring flowers beneath it. Known scientifically as Deschampsia Cespitosa, this attractive foliage will host a plethora of butterflies and bees. Native to North America, this plant is called tufted Hair Grass.

Hairgrass Plants are great as ornamental decor in gardens

This perennial bunchgrass will reach a spread between one and two feet. Its dense green foliage will provide the perfect backdrop for other ornamental flowers. This plant's stems will shimmer with a purplish hue in the early spring. This deciduous plant will transition to a golden shade toward the later fall months. As it blows in the wind, this plant will create a flowing golden appearance that can brighten up any household garden or landscaping design.

This grassy plant features a moderate growth rate and is relatively low-maintenance. It will hold a plethora of seed heads in the spring months that will attract many birds looking for a feast. This perennial grass will flourish in various conditions, even in partial shade. While Hair Grass can be grown individually, it's best grown in colonies.

You may hear this plant referred to by some other names like Tussock Grass and Hassock Grass, depending on the region of the country that you're located in. This upright, grassy plant is very hardy. It sports flat, narrow leaves and a plethora of stems. This plant will thrive in water conditions and is tolerant of salt spray.

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