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Memorial Tree - A Living Tribute

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Size 3-4'

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Memorial Tree - A Living Tribute to Your Loved One

Memorial Tree: There might be no better way to honor a loved one than to plant a memorial tree. When you purchase from TN Nursery, you will receive a healthy, generously sized (three- to four-foot tall) sapling to pay tribute to a special loved one.

Why Plant a Memorial Tree?

Here are three top reasons TN Nursery customers choose to grow a memorial tree.

  • Signifies strong family bonds: This living tribute symbolizes all the branches of the person's family tree, and the canopy represents your beloved watching over loved ones on earth from heaven.
  • Stewardship: Was your loved one a nature lover, gardener, hiker, or outdoor enthusiast? Then, they understood stewardship of natural resources. Your beloved angel will smile down on you for carrying on their stewardship.
  • A memorial treekeeps you closer: The cemetery can be foreboding and impersonal. However, planting trees in your backyard or garden creates a restful spot. Add a bench after the tree gets taller to make a place to reflect on the special memories you shared.

Memorial Tree Options

As generational growers, TN Nursery understands the family's power. We will send our customers three beautiful Memorial Tree options, each sapling lovingly grown at our central Tennesse location.

Here are the trees from which you can choose:

  • Maple Tree: The familiar tree signifies abundance and leadership. Its story is one of victory over adversity. Maple trees are resilient, even to extreme cold and heat. That trait represents how perseverance leads to personal triumph. This tree could be an excellent choice if your loved one worked hard, leading the family from hard times to prosperity.
  • Oak Tree: The stately oak tree represents wisdom and survival, even in the face of formidable odds. The oak tree starts in a hard acorn and must push out of the sturdy exterior and through the hard ground to grow. It is wise--patient enough to begin its emergence from that shell at the perfect time. Its strength helps it survive that journey to maturity. The oak tree will speak to the family of one who prevailed against all odds.
  • Tulip Tree: A lovely flowering tree in the magnolia family, the tulip tree symbolizes beauty and grace. The tree blooms stunning large blossoms in the springtime every year, showing off soft pastel colors for all to enjoy. If your loved one loved all things whimsical and beautiful, the tulip tree would be a fantastic tribute.

Order Your Memorial Tree From TN Nursery Today

TN Nursery would love the honor of helping your family create a living memorial for your beloved. We will dig the sapling with the utmost care and respect--please place your order today.

Memorial trees are perfect for remembering and honoring those who have passed away. Plant the tree in someone's special honor, and you will have years of memories to cherish. TN Nursery will deliver that tree to your home or office.

Give the gift of living on with a memorial tree! Give your loved one the best of both worlds - giving them the love they deserve while making memories that will stay near you forever.

Memorial trees are available at TN Nursery. Order your memorial tree today!