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Partridgeberry Plant

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Partridgeberry Plants - Mitchella Repens

Mitchella repens, partridgeberry plants can be used as decorative ground cover. Still, it may be better than underfoot groundcover because of the noticeable red berries it produces, as well as the mature height of the plant. The berries are generally treated as ornamental, though some sources may consider them edible.

The plant gave rise to the wintergreen flavor, but older uses, such as brewing tea from the plant, are not a good idea. Always check with the nursery before you buy the plant, assuming you can eat anything off the plant.

This plant grows to less than 1 foot in height and no more than 3 feet in width; it often has a smaller spread than that. It is evergreen, with the leaves changing color from green to reddish as the weather gets colder.

Summer-blooming flowers are white, while the compact leaves tend to cluster together. Soil should be moist but well-draining; the plant spreads as its rhizomes travel underground. The plant grows reasonably, so if you line paths with it, keep an eye on rogue stems that creep onto the pathway. Any pruning should be done after the flowers have opened up, and surrounding the plant with mulch will protect the rhizomes in colder weather.

The leaves can grow to a couple of inches long, and the berries make otherwise bare winter gardens look much more lively. Slightly acidic soil is best; if you are also planting blueberries, the wintergreen plant is a good companion in that garden bed.

Partridgeberry plant care

These plants are in the group known as aromatic plants and stay green throughout the winter season. It can also be known as an evergreen and is grown from seeds.

By covering the ground and areas in acidic and shady oil, the wintergreen will grow best to 24 inches wide. Mitchella repens plants are shrub-like that grow very low to the ground.


This plant is known as a forest plant where it originated. It can be seen along the Mississippi River and in Georgia. It is best suited for low lights and can be seen mainly in the south.

These plants live longest in areas of shade and during cool summers. Wintergreen thrives as a plant that lies flat and does not like to be wet. Caring for this plant requires them to be spread at least 4 to 6 inches apart.

Watering each day, especially in dry summers, is essential. During the summer, the flowers on the plant will produce red berries that can live throughout the winter. Nature and other animals are prone to eating the berries on these plants.

You can use the berries for your purposes at home if you so choose to that. This perennial will sprout in one to two months after it has been planted in a cold environment. It would help if you used a greenhouse and separated the plants in early springtime.

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