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Okame Cherry Tree

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Okame Cherry Trees For Sale

The Okame cherry tree brings a bounty of color to small and large gardens. This tree’s headlining feature is the intense profusion of richly-colored pink flowers surrounding the branches in springtime. Appearing as early as Valentine’s Day in some areas, the fragrant flowers are not only an early-season showstopper but a draw for bees, and later in the year, the harsh red fruits will attract many birds. Following the flowers, serrated elliptic leaves in dark green fill up the tree and provide moderate shade to the surrounding area. In the autumn, the leaves change to a variety of warm orange, red, and bronze hues.

Okame Cherry Tree - Prunus x incamp ‘Okame’

A hybrid of Prunus incisa and Prunus campanulata, the Okame cherry is developed to be a more compact tree, reaching a mature height and width of 15 to 20 feet. It makes it suitable for growth near utility lines, as a showpiece in smaller gardens, or even on a patio in a large pot. Before maturity, expect this tree to grow up to 24 inches a year. The Okame cherry prefers well-drained clay, loam, or sandy soil with an acidic pH and grows best in full sun. Once established, the tree is moderately drought resistant. Through pruning during the tree’s development, the gardener can choose whether it should grow into an upright tree shape or remain a bushy shrub. It can be grown in zones 5 to 8 and tolerates somewhat warmer winters than some other varieties of blossoming cherry. Its stunning flowers and bright autumn foliage make it an excellent statement specimen. Its suitability for containers means it can add an opulent touch to a patio or even be given as a gift.

Okame Cherry Trees For Sale at Tn Nursery