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Perennial Grab Bag - 25 Plants

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Perennial Grab Bag

Perennial Grab Bag: TN Nursery is pleased to offer a perennial grab bag containing 25 colorful, stylish plants in a high-quality package custom-selected just for you.

Have you ever wondered which species would work best in your garden? Our horticulture specialists know what plants work best in your local USDA growing zone. When you place an order for a perennial grab bag of 25 plants, we put that knowledge to work on your behalf.

Our perennial grab bags are more than a value price. They are also an excellent value because you get hand-picked, healthy bare-root plants or bulbs customized to suit your local conditions. Our experts will customize your package and dig the plants only after receiving your order and determining the best perennials. Consider TN Nursery your plant shopper!

We will include selections that vary in size and height, color, and blooming season to ensure you have the most-envied garden in the neighborhood.

Some Typical Plants We Might Include in the Perennial Grab Bag

TN Nursery has over a hundred perennial plants in inventory. While it's impossible to say what exact flowers or plants you might receive, here are a few favorite things we might surprise you with:

  • Purple coneflower: A summertime favorite that works in many growing zones, purple coneflower attracts healthy pollinators to your garden.
  • Trumpet vines: Add height to your garden with a trellis or arbor--trumpet vines offer beautiful color and foliage.
  • Phlox: This hardy perennial adds beautiful color all summer long.
  • Violets: These petite flowers are some of the early bloomers, with purple, violet, yellow, and white colors lasting for several weeks.
  • Daffodils: As the snow gives way to springtime, cheerful yellow daffodils will brighten your landscape.

These are just a few selections. As mentioned, your plants will suit your particular growing zone.

Order Your Perennial Grab Bag of 25 Plants From TN Nursery Today

Are you ready for a delightful surprise? Order your perennial grab bag of 25 plants from TN Nursery today.