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Perennials & Fern Package- 50 Plants

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Perennials and Fern Package (50 Plants)

Perennials and Fern Package:TN Nursery proudly offers a perennials and fern package (50 plants!) that gives our valued customers an irresistible combination of value and quality. The value lies not only in the low cost of the package you will receive but also in the benefits you'll reap when you add these species to your garden.

TN Nursery has been in continuous operation for four generations, and we have the expertise to hand-pick the best combination of plants that will flourish in your region.

Let us surprise you with a curated collection of plants that will add eye-popping color and make your yard envy your entire neighborhood.

Besides impressing passers-by who see your gorgeous garden, you might also find species that help create a healthy ecosystem. For instance, you may receive plants that do the following:

Support healthy bee colonies

Create habitats for butterflies (which is especially critical due to the declining monarch population)

Provide birds with the nutrition they need

Offer sweet nectar to feed your local hummingbirds

Perennials and Fern Package Includes

The perennials and fern package includes 50 healthy plants. Each order is customized to suit the buyer's USDA growing zone and hand-picked by an expert.

You will receive vigorous, healthy plants, including a variety of these possible combinations:

Perennial plants




You can expect both quality and quantity by purchasing your perennials and fern package from TN Nursery--you don't have to pick one or the other.

Here's why.

We grow our plants at our central Tennessee nursery, where the warm sunny days and cool nights promote a suitable climate for plant health. You'll also receive the quantity promised; we don't short our orders--which you can see in our customer reviews.

Perennials and Fern Package (50 Plants) is available online at TN Nursery

At TN Nursery, we value your business. Why do we offer this perennial and fern package? We know that once you sample our plants, you will rely on us for all your planting needs. Order your perennials and fern package today so you can see your abundance and quality.