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Pokeberry Plant - 25 Plants

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Size 2-3'

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Pokeweed plants are a rich green color with stems that are white or light pink

The leaves are almond-shaped and have a bright green shade until the summer when the leaves darken. Pokeweed plants produce small white flowers that grow in clusters. Over time, the white blooms turn into burgundy or dark purple berries.

Pokeweed Plant

The berries are similar in appearance to currants and about one-fourth of an inch in diameter. The plants grow wild and thrive in several natural environments. If you want to grow pokeweed, the plants do well in hardiness zone 8a but can grow in various types of soil, including moist, drained, and slightly acidic. Pokeweed is an ideal landscaping plant. The berries hang neatly from the small branches.

The pokeweed is one of the best plants to include in your garden scape

Mockingbirds are particularly fond of the pokeweed and eat the plant's berries. The plant does have some toxins, but if the pokeweed is cleaned correctly, it can be used for medicinal purposes. It's best to wear gloves when harvesting the pokeweed and to keep the plant away from livestock and pets. According to horticulturists, pokeweed improves the function of the lymphatic system and promotes healing in swollen glands while protecting the immune system. The pokeweed berries hold the seeds, and reseeding the plant is easy. This plant is easy to maintain and is an ideal perennial for new or inexperienced gardeners.

Pokeweed grows to about nine feet tall at maturity, but some plants can grow as tall as 20 feet

The plant thrives in harsh conditions and will last through the year with proper care. The blooming season starts at the beginning of spring and lasts well into autumn.