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Quaker Ladies- 25 Plants

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Azure Bluet

The Azure Bluet is a highly adaptable perennial that is known to flourish in all types of growing conditions. Reaching a maximum height and spread around one foot, this beautiful blue flower will surely bring life to any landscaping design. It features dark green stems and tiny, narrow, triangular leaves that will transition to purple or burgundy as the plant matures.

Azure Bluets flowers will feature six petals and be about one inch in diameter

At their center, you'll find a mixture of light green and white, which provides a necessary contrast to appease the human eye. This plant goes by various names, including Houstonia Pusilla, Common Bluets, Tiny Bluets, Quaker Ladies, Star Violet, Small Bluets, and Innocence.

This drought-resistant plant will bloom first in the spring, making it a highly-desired plant for most homeowners. This plant isn't prone to any severe diseases or pest infestations. It's utterly resistant to deer and rabbits. The Azure Bluet is a favorite flower for bordering, creating an added layer of colorful depth to any garden.

Native to the eastern portion of North America, this deciduous plant has erect, green flower stems. It takes on a mat-forming attribute as it flourishes year after year. This compact perennial will last from early spring throughout the summer months. Its distinctive pale blue color is said to symbolize Mother Earth. While this plant can flourish individually, it can transform a landscape when grown in colonies.

Azure Bluets instant beauty will provide an excellent pop of color with a playful appearance

When this perennial produces its seeds in the late summer months, till will attract a variety of woodland creatures. These include songbirds, hummingbirds, and even bees. This herbaceous plant will easily take root and regrow from the same rootstock every spring.