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Soft Rush Grass - 100 Plugs

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Soft RushGetting to know Juncus Effusus

The Juncus Effusus is often called Soft Rush, Common Rush, or Juncus Interior. It is a flowering plant and perennial herbaceous species in the Juncaceae family.

Juncus Effusus has an extensive distribution range globally and is considered a native plant species in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Beyond its native range, it has a naturalized presence in Madagascar, Australia, and many other oceanic islands.

The plant typically thrives in very wet locations such as marshes, wetlands, and riparian areas. Juncus Effusus can grow within the British Isles in fen meadows, purple and blue moor-grass pastures, and other varied rush pastures.

Soft Rush - A Detailed Look at Juncus Effusus

Juncus Effusus typically develops in medium-sized clumps with an approximate height of 4 foot 11 inches or 1.5 meters. It even tends to grow in areas near beaver dams.

The plant's physical appearance features smooth and rounded stem cylinders with a pith-like consistency. The plant's inflorescence is yellow and usually protrudes out of a single stem approximately 8 inches or 20 centimeters from the top where the stem ends. This top portion, referred to as the bract, is slightly yellowish. At the lower end of the stem, you'll find leaves that have been reduced to a brownish-colored sheath.

Soft Rush; The Uses of Juncus Effusus

The plant is used in many ways, some of which you would not expect. The plant is often used in Europe to construct rushlights, an affordable alternative to wax candles. Juncus Effusus is the primary material used in Japan to create the woven covering that rests above tatami mats.