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Texas Sedge - 100 Plugs

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Texas Sedge replaces grass because of its long, thin, smooth, grass-looking leaves.

Texas Sedge is beneficial because it is low maintenance, doesn't need mowing often, and is drought resistant. It has a beautiful yellow-green color and a delicate and tuft-like appearance.

The tuft-like appearance is because it grows in clumps, allowing it to plant in specific areas without the worry that it will spread. This plant does well with light foot traffic, making it prime to use alongside footpaths and planted throughout bulbs and flowers.

Texas Sedge is a prime choice alongside Footpaths and Planted Throughout Bulbs and Flowers.

However, the wet shade is its most important home. It has been used as lawn grass in Texas because it never needs to be mowed or watered once established.

It can withstand light traffic and is charming with gardens in mind. Mixed with bulbs or other Plants For Texas, it gives your beautiful blooming bulbs a lacey look. It blooms in early spring with tiny fuzzy flowers that catch the wind and sway back and forth.

It is bright green and stays that way year-round. Sometimes, you'll find it covering forest floors. Anywhere you plant, this plant will make a statement.

This plant, grown in central Texas or places with dry, humid climates, is preferred because it doesn't require much maintenance and often does not require as much mowing as other grasses or turfs. It has a high tolerance to heat.

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