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Virginia Spring Beauty

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Mammie Perry
Love them spring beauties

This plant goes excellent with the rest of my flowers. Very pleased with the outcome.

Virginia Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica 

Virginia Spring Beauty: Claytonia virginica, or the Virginia spring beauty, is one of the first plants to awaken and emerge as the snow melts and the sunshine begins to warm the soil. TN Nursery customers adore this plant for the early- to middle-spring blossoms. 

Virginia spring beauty is a North American native species, first spotted in New England but flourishing today in almost every USDA growing zone. The perennial flower prefers full-shade to partial-shade and is an easy-care, unfussy woodland native.

Aside from routine maintenance, such as regular mulching with woody materials and watering, gardeners can practically ignore this charming little plant. It resists pests, drought, and mildew and will perform well for many years. 

Virginia Spring Beauty Spreads by Tubers and Seeds

Although most use Virginia spring beauty in a shade garden or natural woodland garden setting, others use it as a ground cover plant. 

It is low growing, reaching a maximum height of only six inches high. Also, it spreads by tubers, a network of underground shoots, and by dropping seeds. Because it reproduces by two methods, it can fill a shady area relatively quickly; thus, it can play a role as a lovely, flowering ground cover.

The Ephemeral Appearance of Virginia Spring Beauty 

Virginia spring beauty's straight, round, and smooth stem is a lovely green hue with red or maroon spots. Leaves are about a half-inch wide and look like thick blades of grass. The leaves occur in pairs along the stem and reach between six to twelve inches long.

The flowers grow in loose, eye-pleasing clusters that have star-shaped blossoms. Each bloom has five oval, smooth-edged petals with a blush-colored background and vibrant pink pinstripes. The flower's center is yellow or yellow-green and pink. The look is heavenly. 

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