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White Daffodils

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White Daffodils

The daffodil, also known as the Narcissus, is a perennial green plant belonging to the amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae). It is one of the species in the genus Narcissus that dominates the flora of southern and western Europe.

Daffodils from TN Nursery are often used for spring planting but can also be planted in fall for winter blooms. The large, trumpet-shaped flowers have three outer petals that grow larger than the inner petals. The petals are generally smooth and unblemished, with a bright yellow center that dwindles as the flower ages. 

This plant species has three names: daffodil, Narcissus, and jonquil. However, it has a couple of verities that you can choose from TN Nursery, such as: 

  • Stainless Daffodil
  • Silver Chimes Daffodil
  • Ice Baby Daffodil
  • Arctic Bells Daffodil
  • Royal China Daffodil
  • White Lion Daffodil
  • Rose of May Daffodil
  • White Favorite Daffodil
  • Easter Born Daffodil
  • Mount Hood Daffodil
  • Falmouth Bay Daffodil
  • Snowball Daffodil

White Daffodils Are Easy To Love

These plants thrive in most climates, and they multiply quickly. It makes them an excellent choice for gardeners with limited space or wanting to add more spring color to their yards.

White daffodils have various climatic needs, but generally, they grow best in warm, moist climates that provide plenty of sunlight. They can, too, do well in partial shade or cold temperatures. So, if you live below freezing during winter, consider planting your white daffodils in pots instead of directly into the ground.

To keep your white daffodil blooming throughout the entire season, ensure to preserve them watered and fertilized regularly. This can be done in late fall or before spring when the soil is still cool enough for new growth and before it gets too hot.

The Lovely Appearance Of The White Daffodils

White Daffodils are a timeless classic that never goes out of style. The lovely white blooms are a great addition to any garden and container. They make excellent cut flowers so you can enjoy them indoors all year.

The flowers are generally white or yellow to orange, although they can be pale pink or mauve if conditions are less than ideal. In this roughly 45 cm tall plant, flowers are borne on scapes (flower stalks) that grow singly or in groups of up to 10 from bulbs surrounded by multiple leaves.