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Wildflower Package - 100 Mixed WIldflower Favorites

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Top 5 Wildflowers For Flower Gardens

Flower gardens are amazing. They can help to improve the bee population, create safe havens for hummingbirds, and even provide you with tasty treats for your next salad!

But how do you make your flower garden stick out from the rest? Try adding wildflowers!

We've researched and turned up our top 5 wildflowers for flower gardens.

Wildflower plants are great for all types of flower gardens

Day Lilles

Daylilies are exceptional in any garden. They come in various warm tones, from off-white to vibrant red and everything in between!

They're also quick to grow and live long lives. They're also not very picky, as they thrive in just about any type of soil, don't mind shade or sunlight, and tend to be resistant to disease and pests!

These will satisfy, too, as they bloom from mid-summer and continue into the early fall.

Daylilies are true to their names, as each bloom only lasts a day.

To keep your plants healthy, be sure to cut off the spent heads and take care not to disturb young buds.

Virginia Blue Bells

Virginia bluebells are wonderful carpeting flowers. And while they pack a powerful punch, they are relatively short-lived. They grow from mid-spring to early summer, but then they become dormant. Do not worry; in the spring, they will come back up!

These blue beauties are easy once you get the hang of them, but they require full or mostly shade and very humus-rich, moist soil.

Don't let their short bloom put you off - these are excellent bedfellows and give way to a changing look for your garden by planting them with late-blooming flowers during the summer season.


Trilliums are fantastic for estates and long-term gardens. It is because, though they are slow to start, they are incredibly long-lived once they grow. They also multiply, meaning you won't have to worry about continuing to plant more every year.

They tend to like dappled shade, though they need plenty of sunlight in spring.

After they flower, their lovely leaves will continue for several months before returning to the ground. They are dormant throughout both summer and fall.

It is another flower that loves rich soil and likes to be kept moist. Using mulch on this lovely plant is highly recommended.


These bright flowers come in white and yellow and love full sun or partial shade. They're also great for those in colder climates, as they are incredibly winter-hardy! They don't care too much about soil, so long as it's not too soggy.

When it comes to weather, they get their roots in the fall and go dormant in the winter. However, you may still see them popping up through the snow. Don't worry if you do - when we say "cold hardy," we mean it!

These are considered early bloomers, so you can have cheery flowers longer than others when you plant daffodils.

Cardinal Flowers

Cardinal flowers are stunning, with their spiky, deep red petals and bright green foliage. These attractive flowers aren't just appealing to humans - they will bring butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to your garden!

They're also very thoughtful as they will reseed themselves each year, rather than making you do all the hard work!

Native American tribes also used these gorgeous flowers to treat everything from fever to cramps and even to create love charms.

These beautiful blossoms last from July to September and enjoy very wet soils. They naturally grow by rivers and in marshes, so you'll want to ensure that you keep the soil wet and put some mulch down to ensure it stays moist.

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