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Black Willow Tree

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Joey Asher
Black Willow Tree

A very resilient tree that stands strong in any hazards that gets into the area.

Black Willow Tree 

These types of willow trees are the most massive willow trees to grow in North America. They have large trunks that are sometimes used to make charcoal. Their trunks can be anywhere around 14 inches in diameter or larger. They sometimes grow beautiful flowers or fruit on their branches. When mature, the fruit contains seeds that usually sprout, open up, and fall to the ground during the fall season. The leaves on black willows are very long and thin with pointy ends; they can be between 2-6 inches long.

Black Willow Tree is a Healthy Standing Tree

It can be highly resistant to floods and even increase after forest fires. After a sizable wildfire, black willow trees are usually the first sight of greenery already starting to sprout. They bloom early, making them helpful and resourceful for nature and wildlife.

The Black Willow Tree grows best with the best spot of sunlight and soil that stays moist.

So, when trying to develop these trees, ensure they have plenty of light and do not plant under shade. Always keep them watered and hydrated, and you'll have an excellent tree in no time! Because these trees enjoy cold temperatures, they can mainly be found in wetlands and swamps. These trees grow very fast, and the care is effortless to keep up. These trees can grow between 30 and 60 feet tall at their maturity stage. These willow trees predominantly grow in areas with high rainfall, so the soiling of these willows isn't strict because they can become in almost anything as long as you keep them wet.

These black willow trees are unusual and benefit wildlife and aren't a hassle to keep up with. They can be quickly grown and maintained without hardly any effort. They can grow almost anywhere in any condition when appropriately watered. They are a great tree to have and can be a beautiful sight.

Black Willow Tree Ships as Bare Root

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Black Willow Tree is a Soft, Smooth, and Lightweight Tree

When mature, this big beautiful tree can reach 30-100 feet tall with massive trunks. The bark is dark brown and black. Black Willows have long weeping branches with long, narrow leaves making them an excellent shade tree. The leaves are about 6 inches long and medium green, which turns to light green in fall. Hardy zones are 2-8 with soil that is moist and well-drained. You will see a lot at or below sea level and around swamps and rivers; They need 4-6 hours of sunlight and partial shade.

Black Willow Trees do well in Parks and Residential Areas for Shade Cover

They do well in parks and residential trees, providing shade for people and wildlife. The wood is soft, smooth, and lightweight, making it best for construction boxes, crates, rustic furniture, and lumber. Acetylsalicylic Acid, a compound similar to aspirin found in Black Willows, was once used by Native Americans Tribes to treat headaches and reduce fevers. Black Willows have softwood, which means it doesn't splinter like other woods and makes them easier to work with. The flexible stems are used for basket weaving.

Its luscious green foliage provides vibrancy to any landscape and makes the perfect addition to your garden. Its yellow flowers, called catkins, add to the charm and are delightful to behold. This tree catches the eye and is noticeable for its tall, narrow shape pointing towards the sky. This tree often has multiple trunks, each with protruding branches that give it a unique character. The 3 to 5-inch leaves have finely serrated edges and give the tree an appearance of liveliness and animation, which sets it apart from other trees, making it a favorite among landscapers. Black Willow trees will love growing around bodies of water. Black Willow trees will grow great where the soil is very moist and poorly drained.

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