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Wintercreeper - Package Of 100

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Wintercreeper Plant

Wintercreeper, Euonymus fortune' Coloratus,' is a highly hardy member of the evergreen family.

Hardy Planting Zone

Wintercreeper can be used on slopes, banks, or as ground cover. It's often used in gravel and rock gardens. It reproduces by spreading creeping stems wherever the roots are in contact with the ground. Seeds can be dispersed by animals or water.

Bloom Season and Color

Wintercreeper generally has shiny, oval leaves that grow early in the summer. Blooms emerge in early summer and are small, greenish flowers.

Wintercreeper Height at Maturity

Often used for cover on slopes and to reduce erosion, this climbing vine, when mature, can grow to a length of over 20 feet. It can be trained to grow in the desired direction. Wintercreepers can grow to a height of 12 to 15 inches. Its spread can reach 24 to 36 inches. 

Preferred Soil Type

Wintercreepers can thrive in several soil types: clay, chalk, sand, or loam. It prefers soil that is moist but drains well. Quite hard, it can grow in sild that is neutral, acid, or alkaline. The water needs for this plant are average.

Wintercreeper Sun or Shade

When it comes to shade or no shade, Wintercreeper is very adaptable. This plant is popular because it does well in any amount of sunlight, full sun, shade, or partial sun.

Plant Description

Purple Wintercreeper is distinguished by its dark green leaves that spread into a quickly forming, dense ground cover. It's ideal for smothering weeds and preventing erosion. It's one of the most popular evergreens for ground cover.

Since this vine is hardy, needs little attention, proliferates, and does well in many soil types and various states of sunlight, it is an excellent choice for those who want a ground cover that requires little maintenance.