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Purple Rose of Sharon


Purple Rose of Sharon flowers make the environment look good. There are various kinds of flowers and shrubs. But the one I want to talk about is the Rose of Sharon shrubs. Rose of Sharon shrubs is lovely shrubs. The rose of Sharon shrub has various colors: red rose of Sharon, white rose of Sharon, and purple rose of Sharon. They are from the same family of hibiscus and althea. They are planted in spring or fall. They are sometimes mistaken for trees. If not pruned all the time, they can grow up to 8-12 feet tall and 6 - 10 feet wide. So to put them in good order, you must prune them. Always prune them in spring. Remember to give them a distance of 6 - 10 feet apart when planting them. Sometimes you can also combine the colors and make one tree. You can combine the red rose of Sharon, white and blue to make one combination. Then you use Lavender, purple, and white to make another combination. 


Purple Rose of Sharon decorates landscapes with beautiful spring and summer blooms


 They are available anywhere in the country. Whether it is a red rose, white rose of Sharon, or purple rose of Sharon, including althea and hibiscus, they are all available and from one family. You also have pink rose, blue rose, and lavender shrubs. 


 They grow very well anywhere around the country. The mature height is 4 - 5 feet tall. The width is 3-5 feet wide. They are planted in front of the house or schools, around shopping centers and churches. The best time to plant is early spring or fall.


 The shrub is beautiful. Its presence in an environment lightens the area and beautifies it. For me, it is indispensable. You can not do without it. I love it. It brightens my day and mood. It is a source of joy when I get up in the morning, look outside my house, and see the flowers bloom. It radiates the beauty of God. I pose around it and take pictures with my family members. The background is so lovely and peaceful. I also like the scent. It smells like a pleasant fragrance. 


 They do very well in late summer and fall when other plants don't do well. 


 Pink can be combined with white and used for marriages. Purple is for royalty. When you have an occasion in the palace, you can use purple to decorate the place. The white can be used for funerals. You can use white wreaths when a loved one dies. You can also use white to decorate the funeral home. White can also be used for baptisms because it signifies purity. Blue is believed to soothe illness and relieve pain. You can use blue for a loved one who is in hospital. Red is used to help circulation and stimulate somebody's mind to action. If you have somebody whose mindset is not very active, please give the person red flowers. The flowers will help to stimulate the person. This will lead to activation. 


 In conclusion, I will say that flowers are a source of joy. Never under mind their usefulness in society. Use them to share the love with others. Use them to speak to others. Use them to brighten your environment and home.

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