Red Dogwood Tree

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Latin Name- Cornus Florida, Hardy Planting Zone-5-8 Mature Height- 20-35ft Width-20-25 Sun or Shade- Prefers full sun to partial sun
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 Red Dogwood, Cornus Florida 'Rubra'


Red Dogwood tree is a beautiful flowering tree native to North America. It can be found growing all across America today. You know spring has finally arrived when this beautiful tree blooms.  It has gorgeous red blooms in the spring and reddish-purple leaves in the Fall. It grows best in zones 5-9 and grows well in different types of soils but prefers slightly acidic, well-drained soil. It grows at a medium rate of up to 25 feet tall with a 25 foot spread. The glossy red fruit will attract many different birds making it a perfect addition to the yard of any bird watcher. It's red coloring makes it a great contrast to existing evergreen trees in the fall. During the spring the deciduous leaves are green in coloring and range from 2 to 8 inches long. The Red Dogwoods manageable size makes it perfect for planting by a patio, terrace, or in tight spot by larger trees. Fairly low maintenance this tree is perfect for any yard.

The red Flowering Dogwood is a small tree native to North America. The tree is Absolutely beautiful thanks to its nice pink flowers. These work great as a shrub border. The Plant prefers full sun but can survive in the understory below larger trees. This plant doesn’t like wet heavy soils like clay though. It grows about 20-25 ft tall. This plant is fairly easy to grow.


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