Red Twig Dogwood

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Latin Name- Cornus Sericea Hardy Planting Zone- 3-8 Mature Height- 7-9 ft Width- 5-10 Sun or Shade- Full Sun
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Analysis Of The Red Twig Dogwood Shrub 

The Red Twig Dogwood Shrub is a unique element in the landscaping world. Features of this plant are quickly noticed upon seeing it. These shrubs produce many shades of vibrant red twigs, that produce a thick shrub. Unique features include the shrubs durability.Environments the Red Twig Dogwood Shrub thrive in include moist environments. Even incremental flooding, is minimal to these plants. Wide ranges of temperatures are not a problem for these shrubs. Properties of these plants that are useful for landscapers are various. These plants have properties that make them effective privacy plants. They grow thick, and very quickly. Red Twig Dogwood Shrubs can block out sights and sounds to create your own oasis.  The color combination of these plants is truly remarkable. Combing a flood of varieties of red throughout the plant structure. Other plants typical contain red only in the flowers or fruit giving a little splash of color. With these shrubs providing this vibrancy throughout the whole plant, gives landscapers a tool for extensively bringing color to their work. Another accolade to this plant is the erosion prevention that the Red Twig Dogwood provides is another good reason for this to be in a landscaper’s tool kit. Looking up close, you can see the many twigs that split off to give this shrub a thick, vibrant look. Small, green leaves give a beautiful color accent in the late spring and summer seasons. While still providing a vibrant, red aurora all year long. The Red Twig Dogwood prefers a slightly acidic soil in moist environments. An extremely durable, vibrant, useful addition for any landscaper. Intricate beauty that's provided by this plant will give tremendous flare to the traditional landscape.
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