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This perennial is also known as American Bugleweed.  Bugleweed makes a great addition to any flower garden bed. This perennial has green leaves and the purplish flowers begin to bloom in May through June. These perennials are very easy to grow too.This perennial is a great way to make your home look good and really stand out, because no matter where you plant it, it looks good and adds plenty of color.


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Seedlings For Texas

In this category we have taken all the grass seedling that will grow in Texas and put it in one location.  We hope that this helps to eliminate some time in finding grass seeds that will thrive in your area.  When planting these seedlings it is best to spread them by hand evenly and in small areas.  If you are wanting to spread it in a larger area it is recommended to use a lawn spreader or a mechanical seeder.  In order to keep the grass healthy you want to make sure to not put too many seeds too close together.  Doing so can cause the grass to become weak or thin.