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    Silky Willow LIve stakes

    Posted by Joel Jones on Jan 27, 2022

    A favorite tree to bees and other insects. This survives well in the cold climate and varies its colors according to seasons.

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Silky Willow Live Stakes Produces a Significant Bloom of Fruit and Seed

Silky Willow Live Stakes is also known as Salix Sericea. Hardy in planting zones 4-8. The growth rate at maturity can reach 6-15 feet tall and 4-12 feet wide. From March to April, this tree will have yellow and green stamens/styles. It has winter interest also and can be a small tree or large shrub.

Plant in soils that will thrive in the more moist soil. It will be tolerated on more dry soil than other willows will. Prune in early spring or late in winter. If a smaller shrub is desired, cut back to the ground about every 3-5 years. It also tolerates deer, erosion, wet soil, and even black walnut.

The male plants will have the ornamental pearl gray catkins on a stem without leaves with a skin that feels like a cat's paw, which is where it gets its name from.

This plant is a multi-stemmed and fast-growing shrub or perennial tree that is moisture-loving, commonly found along rivers, brooks, streams, swamps, and near any running fresh water, mainly in the eastern United States and Canada.

At its maturity, it will often reach a maximum height of 12 feet at 20 years old but usually is 6.6 to 13.1 feet in height. Its name "silky willow" refers to the silk flowers and the "silky" white hairs on the undersides of its leaves. The leaves are lance-like blades, are dark green on the top, light green underneath, and turn to yellow in the fall.

Silky Willow Live Stake's Flowers (catkins) are also lovely to Bees.


The plant's active growth period is in the spring and summer, with the most significant bloom of fruit and seed in the mid-spring. Usually, during May, it will have yellow-green blossoms and then fruits in June. It is propagated by seed, bare roots, cuttings, and containers. It slowly forms colonies when propagated from seed.

The plants often form clones by stem fragmentation. The stems have branches that are highly brittle at the base and are violet or gray-brown. The branchlets are violet, red-brown, or yellow-brown and are sparse to densely velvety. The plant is low maintenance but does demand a lot of watering.

It does best in slightly acidic and well-drained soils; the ground needed is clay, acid, loan, or sand that remains moist. The plant is adaptable to light conditions from growing in the open shade or having lots of suns, and it can survive any weather.


These stakes add a lovely shade of purple to any flower garden

These plants can brighten up the garden by bringing variety and a shade of purple when the sunlight hits its purplish twigs. It is easy to find this tree in garden stores, nurseries, and other plant distributors.

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This willow plant is a native of North America with silvery, narrow leaves. The plant is a shrub, which means several stems grow from the woody base. The leaves are simple, either lobed or unlobed, without being separated into leaflets. One blade occurs per node along the plant's stem.

The edges of the foliage have teeth, and the leaves drop off each winter. The shrub's fruit is dry and will split open upon ripening. The twigs can be brown, yellow, purple, or red in the winter. The plant naturally thrives in wetlands and other areas of damp soil.


These trees get their name because of their blooms; They are soft and bushy or fuzzy, resembling cotton balls; They cling to the branches. The Silky willow trees have brown stems with white flowers and then, in the fall months, can produce bright red fall color. They serve as ornamental trees rather than a tree with a purpose. 

This tree has long bloomed like cotton; these flowers look similar to a cat's tail. These items are often cut and brought indoors as centerpieces or accent pieces. The branches can grow up to 4 feet long, so that you can cut them at different heights. They will bloom in early spring and last until summer. The blooms will remain but turn a darker brown during the fall months.

This tree does well in various soil types. Silky willow can grow as fast as 3 feet per year.

Silky Willow Live Stakes is For Sale on Tennessee Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping


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