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    Smooth Sumac

    Posted by Freddie Jordan on Jan 26, 2022

    A mixed color when it changes according to the season. Very vibrant as it blooms fully.

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Smooth Sumac is a Tall, Growing, Colorful Shrub

Smooth Sumac is an excellent choice of shrub to add lots of color to your lawn or garden. The colony-forming shrub has attractive branches and flat fern-like leaves.

The leaves can grow up to 18" in length and turn beautiful bright orange or orange-red color during the fall season. Flowers on these trees are tiny and yellowish-green in intensity during the spring.

These flowers burst into crimson berries in the autumn and are edible to birds and wildlife. Some wildlife depends on them to get through the winter.

Smooth Sumac is Well Known for its Ornamental Look, Creating a Beautiful Screen when Planted Properly

This is a shrub/tree that grows the most in the summer and spring months. It also blooms mid-spring, produces seed and fruit in the summer, and continues into fall. It can be pruned to remain as a shrub or grow into a tree.

It produces hairless branches that are waxy. It also creates leaflets that taper to a point, and its flowers have a green hue. The drupes it produces are globe-shaped and covered in sticky, red hairs. The seeds it produces are yellow and smooth.


Though tall, it is a shrub that often reaches about ten feet. Beautiful alternating leaves change to a gorgeous scarlet hue during the autumn months making this tree a welcome addition to any landscape. These shrubs will bear 3 to 5-inch clusters of greenish-yellow flowers during the warmer months that later give way to bright red berry clusters that provide your landscape interest and color even through the winter season.

These trees are easily maintained since they are small and hardy. This shrub is very well known for its ornamental look. They will create a beautiful screen if you grow them nearby and, in turn, will attract many bird and animal species who seek shelter and food. Most commonly, the Sumac is used in landscaping as an ornamental focal point since the Sumac will bring various colors to enhance your yard.

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Rhus glabra, a large deciduous shrub in the Anacardiaceae family, is native to and distributed widely across the continental United States. These Seedlings grows typically up to 15 feet tall. These Seedlings' dark green compound leaflets grow up to two feet long. These greenish-yellow trees bloom in clusters in June and July; its clusters of drupes - round and red fruits - mature in August and September.

These trees are excellent for hedges and ornamental plantings with vibrant autumn foliage. These seedlings are highly drought-resistant and adaptable to slightly acidic soil. Nursery-cultivated seedlings are usually utilized for cultivating large areas.

Yellow-green flowers bloom on mature plants from June to July, but this tree is most beautiful during the fall months. The leaves turn from green and yellow to fiery red with darker reds. Scarlet berry clusters begin to appear where blooms once were. They're perfect as a decorative hedge or garden plant as a result. They're also consumed by wildlife such as deer, birds, and rabbits. However, they usually consider it an emergency winter food.

These seedlings are Very Easy Growers and are Very Adaptable to a Variety of Soil Types.

They're not poisonous. Their poisonous cousins are called Poison Sumac. Poison Sumac is more diminutive and grows in swampy, wet, dark areas like bogs. Instead of the rich crimson berries, they have distinctly hanging gray berries Smooth Sumac presents.

These seedlings prefer acidic soil but can adapt to many different textures and types. They're widely distributed as they're known for their drought resistance. The seedlings, as well as the mature plants, prefer the sun to shade. They prefer drier soil with mostly sun to help them thrive. These seedlings mature well in hardiness zones three through nine.

Their leaves have small toothy edges with rounded bases. They grow in compact rows reaching sixteen to twenty-four inches long. These plants will mature nicely with little competition. Weeding, mowing, or trimming is recommended to rid Smooth Sumacs of the plants around their bases. These trees are underrated garden accessories that produce some of the most brilliant colors throughout the year.

Once established, they will grow two to three feet every year. As small trees, these Seedlings will adapt well to many different soil types.

This tree makes magnificent ornamental trees and looks great in any yard and lawn. They also produce terrific, brilliant colors of leaves during the fall months. The Smooth Sumac is a perennial tree with good tolerance to drought conditions.

A white and waxy coating covers these seedlings' branches and stems, and the seeds it produces are a yellow hue.

It grows into one of the unique trees. These seedlings are easy to grow and maintain because they are adaptable to many different soil types but need moisture and good drainage for the root system. These seedlings will work well as ornamentals or in smaller lawns and spaces. These seedlings will produce a green and yellow bloom in spring and attract many birds to the area.

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