Spacing Out Your Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 30, 2016

When growing a vegetable garden, it is necessary to give your area the proper spacing to make sure the plants look more organized and give them plenty of room to grow. By adequately spacing out your garden, you will make way for plenty of root growth, and you will be able to give your plants the necessary breathing room to thrive. It depends on how much room your plant will need. Larger plants like watermelon patches will need more room than other plants to grow out. Be sure to find out from your local nursery how much room your plant will need to grow and the approximate measurements needed to sustain growth and health.

Spacing out your garden will lift a heavy burden off your shoulders, so you will not have to rotate or move your fragile plants during the growing process. Before planting seeds, make sure your gardening area is tilled correctly and nurtured with the necessary ground nutrients. If you are planting multiple plants, or are planning to raise an entire garden of a particular fruit or vegetable, make sure to measure how much space you will need with a measuring tape. If you are savvy when it comes to building, you can also construct a wooden frame to plant seeds and start plants in a neat and precise manner.

You should also try spacing out your garden in rows and sets. For instance, if you are planting an onion field, start with four starter plants going horizontal, then plant six rows back vertically for each one you planted horizontally. That is a neat way of spacing out your garden, and it is made for a more organized and pleasant gardening experience.

It is always a good idea to grow multiple plants at the same time. Suppose you like to grow a vast amount of plants. You may want to section off your garden into different areas or zones. You can have an onion field in one corner and a carrot field on the other side. You want to make sure that your plants are growing in the same type of soil. Mixing different plants in the same soil will eventually harm the other plants. Plants require different nutrients and soil types to grow correctly. It may seem like a good idea to grow several plants in the same area, but you will save yourself many hard aches by spacing out your garden.