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Swamp Willow Live Stakes is a Flexible, Light Wood

Swamp Willow Live Stakes can grow to an average of 15-18 feet tall. The tree has a lifespan of 70-85 years. Swamp willows can withstand a high water table when planted in wetland areas. Thinning your tree as it grows will also increase your yield. Thinning your tree allows it to grow taller and broader in diameter. It allows the weight to be manageable. 


Swamp Willow Lives Stakes is Useful in Erosion Protection as it is Flood and Herbivore Resistant.


These trees are often used for the flexibility and lightness of their wood; This willow was once used for artificial limbs as it does not splinter easily. It is still used today for crates and boxes. In your landscape, however, it can do many beneficial things for your garden. The bark and the leaves have tremendous healing power for Rheumatism.

From the bark, salicylic acid is extracted and used as the essential ingredient for aspirin. The tree's root is also influential in healing patients with malaria and babesiosis. The tree is very useful in erosion protection as it is flood-resistant and herbivore resistant. If the soil in your garden contains toxins, this Willow tree will suck it up and take it in, relieving your soil of the toxin. The toxins are then dissipated through the leaves of the tree. In season it is one of the first trees that the honey bees go to for pollen.


Swamp Willow Live Stakes have greenish-yellow flowers and tiny fruit


This tree is dark brown to black in the bark, and it forks near the bottom of the bark. The tree shoots are very slender and vary from green, brown, yellow, or purple. The foliage buds are 2-4 millimeters long, with a one-pointed reddish-brown bud scale.

The leaves can be 2-6 inches long with either a shiny or light green on one or both sides. It will grow greenish-yellow flowers in the spring as new leaves appear. The tiny fruit is a 5-millimeter capsule that splits when mature and spills the seeds out.

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    Swamp Willow Live stakes

    Posted by Scarlet Hemmingway on Jan 27, 2022

    I have mine planted near a stream in my farm. It is growing well. I have to make more purchases soon.

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