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Sycamore Live Stakes

Sycamore Live Stakes

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Sycamore Live Stakes are fast growing and easy to care for

The American Sycamore, also known as Platanus occidentalis, American planetree, occidental plane, buttonball, and buttonwood is part of the Platanus species and is native to eastern and central United States but can be found in southern Ontario and Northern Mexico. The sycamore is one of the oldest species of trees on Earth and is known for their durability and hardiness as well as their massive size. There are ten different species of sycamores, which all share similar characteristics. The sycamore can be characterized by its bark which tends to flake off which leaves a collage of creamy white, green, gray and brown on the trunk.

Sycamores proliferate, more than two feet a year, and can grow up to 40-100 feet high and 3-8 feet in diameter and can live to be more than 200 years old.

The fast-growing of the sycamore nature is what makes them popular among those who want the benefits of a large tree sooner rather than later. The dynamic sycamore can be in wetland areas as well as city environments as it is very tolerant of urban pollutants.

Overall, the sycamore is easy to grow and can grow in any soil. However, it tends to grow best in well-drained, medium to wet soils in full sun.

Its hardiness zones are Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8 and Zone 9. They tend to grow best and reach their largest size when planted along streams, rivers, and floodplains. The California sycamore has a favorable fire resistance rating and can tolerate high heat and wind. They can withstand both hot and cold climates, providing optimal shade with their leaves during sunny summer days and warm sun through the bare branches on cold winter days. In the fall, their leaves turn a yellow-brown and return as dark green 4-10-inch-wide leaves in the spring accompanied by small clusters of flowers. 

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