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It's easy to understand why Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is still going strong since 1938! The nursery is family-run, and they treat their customers as if they are part of the family.

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If you are looking for a source with the largest selection of great plants, you should check out Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. You can confidently shop online because there is a detailed description of every product, and the prices are clearly noted. The website has plenty of vivid close-up pictures, so you can see what you'll be receiving plants delivered to your door. When a customer takes the time to write a review, it means they have had a positive experience! There are so many good reviews about them, and they have scores of satisfied customers. That helps to make first-time shoppers feel confident and comfortable entrusting them.

 Local residents nearby Mcminnville in Tennessee can visit their huge retail location. They ship to anywhere in the U.S. and even to some locations outside of the country. Online shopping is a big part of their business at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, and they have the lowest prices online. The great plants and shrubs are freshly dug and shipped promptly to ensure freshness. They also have an unmatched selection of ferns, perennials, and much more.

 There are so many reasons to shop with Tennessee Wholesale Nursery 

 for all of your Nursery items and supplies. In addition to receiving the best quality and selection, great plants, and the lowest prices online, they also excellent customer service. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and they take the time to answer questions. You can sign up to receive their newsletters, too. The newsletters are filled with helpful and useful information. They even offer their customers money-saving opportunities in the newsletter. The company goes to great lengths to ensure that every customer has a positive experience shopping with Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Donates Plants 

Discounts And Free Plants From Tennessee Wholesale Nursery


Want a $5 off coupon for Tennessee Wholesale Nursery? It's as easy as WRITING A REVIEW for us on Google!


 You can leave a review by clicking the link below. After you have done so, send a screenshot of the review, along with a valid U.S. mailing address, to us via email at: [email protected] After we receive the email, we will send your coupon code to the email address you used to contact us. You can use this $5 off coupon any time you make an order at: https://www.tnnursery.net.




Want to get free plants? In return for posting a Thank You Banner on your website, if you have a website or blog, or you use .gov or .edu domains, we will donate a variety of plants!


 Here's How It Works: 


 Simply add a "thank you" banner which links to the Tennessee Wholesale Nursery homepage on your website or blog. The banner should be a clickable link (directed to https://www.tnnursery.net.) Once you have it set up, email us the page URL and a valid U.S. mailing address to: [email protected]


 You can find banners here -------------------> BANNERS


 For the duration of your banner usage, you can expect free plants sent to you every season. We use extra supplies of varying plants for this program, so we can't take special requests. However, we do promise you will be satisfied with the high-quality shrubs, flowers, trees, and other plants that we send to you. 


 This offer is only available for websites and blogs. We do not offer this for social media sites. 





 Because we always have a surplus of plants--even after fulfilling more than 45,000 orders every single season--we have been donating high-quality plants since 1938. Our company began by donating these plants to universities and professionals for research purposes. They were also donated by our family-owned business to help fill out particularly special gardens that were in need. 


 Now, we donate plants regularly to non-profit organizations, garden enthusiasts with blogs, and schools. Our goal is to donate plants in a way that will aid in important research while also replenishing and reforesting the planet in a beautiful, sustainable way. 


 We all know that plants are good for Mother Earth. From aiding in the production of clean oxygen to fighting pollution, plants donated by our nursery are doing their part to save the planet. 


 At our nursery, we strongly believe in using any viable and healthy plants instead of throwing them away. That's why our motto is, "Why throw away what could be someone else's treasure?" 


 More than 400 universities, national site planning organizations, garden bloggers, and website owners have benefited from our plant donations. We want to help others who are interested in making this earth a cleaner, more purified, and more beautiful place for years to come.


Online Shopping and Tennessee Wholesale Nursery 

Online Shopping and the Joys of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery


 If you have a green thumb, then you probably need to make lawn care purchases on a regular basis. You no longer have to feel anxious about taking care of your lawn care shopping projects, though. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is the name of a Tennessee business that can simplify everything for you. If you want to have a positive experience gathering up conifers, herb plants, and even butterfly plants, there's no finer Internet destination than Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. We're a thorough website that has a reputation for plentiful choices. We're also one that has a reputation for a rock-solid customer service approach. If you want shopping assistance from consummate professionals who genuinely care about your feelings and outcomes, we're here. Customer satisfaction is one of our primary objectives each day of the week.


 Great Plants and Beyond


 Our selection is made up of great plants and beyond. They're 100 percent budget-friendly as well. Our wholesale rates are a rare gem online. People are often used to paying steep amounts for plants on the Internet. That's never the situation for the individuals who make up our loyal customer base, though. If you want to be able to buy flowering shrubs that are priced well, we can serve you. If you want to be able to buy hydrangeas that are far from expensive, we can serve you, too. Confusion is never ever an issue for the people who visit our site. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is a full-service business that consistently puts customers first. If you want to be able to talk to accommodating, knowledgeable, and sedulous team members, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is the place for you.


 You don't have to look far for glowing comments about Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. If you put time into checking out a review of our shop, you'll be able to grasp all of the things our customers can't resist.


Tennessee Coneflower 

The Tennessee Coneflower (Echinacea tennesseensis) is a flowering perennial herb that is native to the United States in middle Tennessee. It is an official state wildflower of Tennessee. The flowers have slightly upturned, cuplike petals, unlike other coneflowers, which have drooping petals. Tennessee Coneflowers range from pink to purple with spiny, copper-colored, round centers. The coneflowers have a long blooming period from June through August. The plants have rigid stems and reach up to 2.5 feet tall, with a spread of 1.0 to 1.5 feet, and have hairy dark green leaves. The Tennessee Coneflower is relatively free from diseases and pests and is easy to grow. They tolerate drought and grow well in full or partial sun. However, they will not grow in more than 50% shade. The Tennessee Coneflower does well in shallow, rocky soil where trees are normally unable to take root. The flowers attract birds and butterflies and are a nice addition to naturalized areas. Tennessee occurs naturally only around the limestone and cedar glades of central Tennessee. Reproduction occurs through cross-pollination performed by bees and butterflies. The Tennessee purple coneflower does not have an effective seed dispersal which limits its ability to move to new areas. In the past, this perennial was on the endangered species list. However, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife removed the Tennessee Coneflower from the Federal Endangered Species List on August 4, 2011. The greatest threat to the species is human activity which destroys their habitat. Populations on state-owned land are being maintained by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and the Tennessee Division of Forestry. Tennessee Coneflower seeds are available for purchase, and the flowers will grow in USDA zones 4 – 9. To maintain their genetic integrity, one should plant Tennessee Coneflowers several miles away from other species of Echinacea


Toffee Twist Sedge 

Toffee Twist Sedge - Carex flagelliform


 If graceful ornamental grasses that feature a bronze cascading beauty sound like a beautiful addition to your landscape, the Toffee Twist Sedge will not disappoint. It's a cool-season grass that adds an intensity to any spot it occupies. The sedge plant is considered a perennial except for regions where frigid temperatures dip below five degrees F, and then, the grass should be treated as an annual. Toffee Twist Sedge thrives in hardiness planting zones 7 through 10.


 Nursery experts recommend that the plant be around moist, rich soil and receive full sun to part shade. Toffee Twist is a moderate grower and achieves a height of 18 to 24 inches and a similar width. It makes for a stunning groundcover with its finely textured foliage. It is also resistant to deer, insects, disease, and heat and easy to care for. The only maintenance experts advise cutting it back in early spring before it resumes active growing.


 The sedge plant is versatile and can be planted for a variety of landscaping effects. For example, the Toffee Twist Sedge looks resplendent cascading over walls, dotting perennial borders, planted poolside, in hanging baskets, for massing, and even in striking containers. The dramatic, iridescent bronze foliage is ideal for multiple landscape styles like rustic, cottage, contemporary, and Asian/Zen. 


 The ornamental sedge grass does not have a fragrance, but this delicate and elegant trailing beauty features blooming foliage all season long, and as the weather turns cooler, the bronze shade turns more tan.


 Every landscaped property can benefit by featuring areas of distinct textural and colorful highlights. The Toffee Twist Sedge provides the interest in its coppery, earthy glory with its dense, tuft-forming growth habit.


 This gorgeous sedge plant is shipped to the customer in a potted gallon and arrives in first-rate condition.