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We offer free plants for any positive review of our company. It's quick and easy, here's how. Simply go to Google Reviews HERE  and add your review. When added and it's live, send [email protected] a screenshot of your positive review and your US Mailing address and we will immediately get you 2 free perennial flowering bulbs right out. It's a $15.99 value free, just for your review.





I wanted to send a quick note to Thank You for such wonderful seedlings.  We ordered 25 Red Bud Seedlings to give away at our Arbor Day Celebration on April 27th.  We received them Monday, placed in a bucket of water, and potted them today.  They are GREAT.  They are a nice size and have a wonderful root system on each of them. 
Some of the seedlings even had leaves popping out.
I just wanted to say Thank you for all your hard work.  We are looking forward to handing them out for people to plant and enjoy for years to come.
I am sure we will be ordering from you again.
Thank you
Deborah Duncan
Tree Seward
Portsmouth Master Gardeners
Portsmouth, VA

Hi Tammy:I hope you had a great summer, and at least got to take a vacation between being deluged with nursery sales! We just got back from visiting my middle son and his wife in Texas. I'd never been to Texas before and was quite surprised at all the green there was - I thought Texas was supposed to be mostly hot desert and cactus! We went on parts of Route 66, which had all the great 50's nostalgic buildings: mom and pop motels, soda fountains, gas stations... We met my oldest son and his wife and second oldest son and his girlfriend in Vegas on the way back. I think we all gained at least a few pounds eating at the buffets there!I am loving the morning glories I ordered from you and my two little pecan trees are doing well (one is already getting bushy on the top). I haven't got the French morning glories you talked about out of my mind - I really would love to have those, Tammy. I am happy to pay something for them and the s/h or at least let me pay for the s/h. I'm very grateful for this and very excited to grow these morning glories. Please let me know how much and how I should pay you. Thank you again, so much!

Best wishes, Dezra

Tn, Could you use some happy news? Here it is: WOW! Y’all outdid yourselves again, sending us bigger, better baby dogwood trees than we had expected (or probably paid for). Just as you had assured me, they made it through the extra week+ just fine nestled in potting soil in my brother-in-law’s garage. I wish you could have seen the crowd and heard people’s comments when they came through the line at our THIRD Lee’s Trees event on the 12th....Over and over again folks commented on how healthy looking the little trees were and what large strong root systems they had. More than 200 people came from all over the New River Valley to adopt one, some waiting in line as long as 45 minutes (one gentleman stood there with an oxygen tank!)

Many told of the success they have had with trees adopted in previous years with one lady even bringing photos of her trees to show us that they are thriving)...Several asked about our source, and I am wondering if you might want to send some kind of flyer or other promotional literature for us to give out next year. Actually, one newspaper editor called me for comments before the event based on an earlier letter that I had sent you that is still posted on your website....I am so grateful to have TN Nursery as our partner in this living memorial to our mama...Heartfelt thanks to you, Di and all of your staff for everything you have done to help make Lee’s Trees become an annual event in southwest Virginia.

Blessing Joanna Angle


Ordered plants for a restoration project and they were indeed speciman as the claim! I was amazed at the knowledge Tammy had.She never let her knowledge "go to her head' .She helped me figure out what i needed in what soil conditions,cheapest plants for the job and an outstanding way to be treated with un-surpassed customer service! The nicest people answering the phones to date I've ever experienced! Pamela Barnes P Barnes/Long Island Planting Commitee THANK YOU so much for your VERY KIND attention to detail--I am very pleased to be doing business with a hands-on company like TN Nursery--the first of many orders I am sure!!!! :) Best regards to you, Dennis, Tammy & Susan,

PJR Algier (Patrick)

I think bare root trees are the way to go. I have looked around at different nurseries and think the prices at TN nursery look the best to me. I can't wait to get started on our project. Our property will look so much nicer after the trees are planted. Nashville Tennessee Condo Association Landscape Nursery My request was a slightly odd one – I needed to get deciduous trees to Arizona! As part of a new series for the Discovery channel we wanted to film buds opening with time-lapse photography. Tammy completely understood what we needed, the time deadline we were up against and the problems we had previously encountered with suppliers. Filming for Discovery always means going that extra mile - Tammy immediately identified trees perfect for our needs and shipped and got them to the set on time, arriving in excellent condition, they were ready for us to begin filming! A massive thank you to Tammy and the team at TN Nursery for their excellent service and quality of trees – and for saving the day!

Mandi Stark Discovery Production Wildlife

I just wanted to let you know. I ordered 25 pear trees from you. I was VERY HAPPY with the trees and the way they were shipped and handled. I have now ordered 25 more trees and blueberry bushes. thank you very much!

Kevin Huey - Ackworth Ga

I just wanted to take a moment to “thank you” for your outstanding customer service. My plants arrived in just 3 days and they exceeded my expectations. TN Nursery had the lowest price, fast delivery, and great service!

Thanks, Doug Bowmer [email protected] Bridgeton CT

We love the Nursery stock you sent me, they were as advertized both healthy and good sized. Giovanni Landscaping - Long Island NY We love Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. Everything we have received in the past is alive and doing well in Battery's 5-acres of perennial gardens.

Sigrid Gray Director of Horticulture
The Battery Conservancy
1 New York Plaza Concourse
New York, NY 10004

I really appreciate your support and would recommend your nursery to all my associates. Again thanks for your support

Femia Mcelveen - Melville NY

Dear Tammy, this is to say a heartfelt "Thank You" to everyone at Tennessee Nursery for helping my sister and me launch "Lee's Trees", a living memorial to our mother, Lois "Lee" Weiss Gilmore. Mama dearly loved trees, and when she died last April, we decided to establish an event for Mother's Day weekend where pink dogwood seedlings would be offered to those willing to plant and care for them. Pink dogwoods were chosen because pink was Mama's favorite color (it is also the color associated with finding a cure for cancer), because they are excellent plants for wildlife, and are considered by many as symbolic of the Resurrection. Our goal is to distribute 10,000 trees in Virginia's New River Valley by 2024, which would have been "Lee's" 100th birthday. Thanks to your involvement, we're on our way!

A year ago when this idea was forming, I frantically searched the Internet to find a source for seedlings. Discovering your company has proved to be a true blessing. The baby dogwoods that you delivered were very healthy and much bigger that I expected; they were carefully packed and arrived right on time. Over the past twelve months we have frequently received status reports about how well they are growing. This year's Adoption Day will be Saturday, May 7, 2011, beginning at 9 a.m. in the parking lot of Wade's Supermarket, 510 Roanoke Street, Christiansburg, Virginia. 500 pink "Cherokee Princess" dogwoods (grown with love in Tennessee) will be available, free of charge on a first-come basis. Again, many thanks to all of you.

Blessings, Joanna Gilmore Angle Chester, SC

Dear Tennessee Nursery,

The selection of naturalization plants you have is wonderful. I had a hard time finding Aralia Spinosa, especially good quality plants that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg to ship. Your bare root plants worked great both on the cost and quality end. Also, thank you for your promptness in shipping. I'm in Kansas, I ordered on a Saturday evening and the plants were here on Tuesday morning. We will definitely do business in the future. Thank You,

Kiel Snyder Sedgwick County Zoo - Horticulture Dept. MS

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is by far the BEST as far as I am concerned. They have good quality stock, very reasonable rates, and they are always available for questions and ordering. The website is so easy to use and the availability is always there to keep the customer updated. We usually pick up our order and it is always ready on time and with a friendly face to greet us.

Thank you Tennessee Wholesale Nursery,Nursery you make my day! Bloomsnbuds Excellent nursery stock! Arrives very quickly and well packaged. Will be buying from TN NurseryNursery for a very long time!

Iris Gardner - Phoenix, AZ

We have enjoy doing business with TN NurseryNursery all of our plants arrive in good condition and are of nice size with a wonderful root system, the price can't be beat.

Country Lane Garden - Roanoak VA

I would just like to thank you for all of the wonderful plants we have purchased from your company over the years. Every plant has been of superior quality with an excellent root system. We receive our orders in the fall and usually have 7 to 10 gallon plants ready to sell by the spring. The helpfulness and knowledge of the staff is unsurpassed. Your practice of running your business like a "family owned" one makes the customer feel comfortable, and not like dealing with a mega-companies that we so often have to deal with. The shipping has always turned out well, and any problems I have encountered, which are very few, have always been dealt with in a fast, curteous manner. Once again, thank you for superior service and a superior product. 
John Tonkin
Green-Up Nursery Florida


TN Nursery has been one rewarding expierence. The Ferns I receive from them appear to growing in my hands with fresh fronds attach .. and I get great satisfaction and repeat sales from my clients. Thanks TNN!
Sylvia Butler-The Hostas At Sissinghurst


Tennessee Nursery to NYC in less than anticipated time! 14 hours in a semi.Good trees & good work Tn-Your service is second to none. 
Trump Plaza Trees - NYC

Will definitely buy again in 2015.

Susan Alexander 
Clements Rare & Native Stock,Oregon


My client is very pleased and the plants indeed thrived with her advice on what to choose in sun,shade and moisture areas etc.I am sure thankful there's a site that's really good quality plants at reasonable prices. 
Susan Sullivan - Ankorage AL


I opened a Nursery in NC, and my first "big" order was from this company. I did not have very much capital to start with, so I had to pick and choose wisely. I made a very good decision when I chose this company to furnish my bareroot stock. I received execellent stock, it was bigger and better than I could have imagined. They set up delivery with one of their trucking agents. They kept me well informed when to expect the truck as well as handled all delivery arrangements. I liked this because I could do other things (instead of trying to make arrangements to get it here).Their prices can't be beat! It is with great pleasure that I would recommend them to anyone. Sincerely, 
Betty Satterfield


I saw TN Nursery while websurfing, and was intrigued by the their product and price. I had some questions about it fern size and shipping dates, so I emailed them and was surprised to get an immediate answer. I was very uncomfortable about ordering and paying for a large quantity of ferns from a source unknow to me. When my shipment arrived I was pleasantly surprised. I could not believe the quality of these plants! This nursery went from making me uneasy, to the top of my supplier list for quality and customer service.

Sandy Golay Golay Gardens

Pittsburg, KS


Best Dogwoods and Burning Bush I have received.The shipping time was quick,service was outstanding and the price was great. 
Walter's Garden Center
Brooklyn ,NY


Was very leary about internet ordering.This was an excellent experience.I am a small re-wholesaler and the plants were larger than I expected,packaged properly and arrived on time. 
Annie's Flowers
Knoxville TN


Couldn't find this volume of trees anywhere else in one nursery.I was Asking for 440 Large calipered trees was to us "impossible".I called your toll free # and it was done within minutes.We had United come and pick them up and we landscaped 10 new Walmart Locations in Pennsylvania.What a find! All at one place! Price for quality hands down-your the best! 
Franlin Buchanan-Landscape Services ,Baltimore Maryland


Purchased 3100 mums for our project graduation-delivered the day of distribution as promised.our customers that purchased got them straight off the truck.we do not have to handle or care for them at all.these people do what they say and deliver a excellent product.By the way-I need this many more for Fall 2007!!!!! 
Sheridan Phillips
North Valley Ridge School,Brooklyn New York


TN Nursery is good at growing trees, but more importantly, they are good at growing relationships. With every transaction, Latina Nursery and our customers are confident that they received the best price, quality, and selection available. TN Nursery's partnership with Latina Nursery has made everyone better.
Scott Latina Nursery


These Perennials Nursery were HUGE!

Samantha Shelton

Natire's Cures Delaware


I couldn't believe the prices! I thought I'd been paying wholesale.This is wholesale.Went to see my stock and i had to buy another load!Will return again and again.Hot coffee,fresh danish rolls and good folks! 
David Earl 
David Earl Greenhouses--Tyler, Texas


I only ordered the minimum dollar amount.  Was well pleased and made double on the stock i got from you.  I hope to order double next year.
Diana Listerman

Listerman's Floral--Garland, Texas


Hi Tammy, I just wanted to Thank you again for your help. All the items we purchased were BEAUTIFUL!! We've gotten so many complements on the trees and bushes, that we'll probably be placing another order either this fall or next spring. Thanks again and I hope everyone is well.

Nancy Rowland

12019 Kemps Mill Road

Williamsport, MD 21795


Received my plants.  Pleased with what I got. I'm looking forward to spring and the year ahead to see them grow. Hope to order more next year. Thank you. 
Judy Boring - Borings Country Classics - Wilimington NC


The trees were better than I expected and beautiful. Will pass the word.
Hollister School

1798 State Hwy. BB

Hollister, Mo. 65672

It was beautiful, prompt and so very healthy. All five of the trees I purchased are looking good. Spring should be beautiful. Thanks.

Nancy McGinnis

972-420-7034 or 501-256-3064
Thank you for the prompt replacement for the 'sickly' tree.


Thank you Tammy.  You were very conscientious and considerate to keep me posted on the  important details about my order.  Really, it was greatly appreciated!   Good customer service goes a l-o-n-g way.  Even when sometimes it doesn’t seem like it,  good service always comes out on top :)
I know I will spread the word about Tn Nursery and how my experience was nothing short of excellent.
All my best, 
Betsy Gallagher Philly PA


I liked the quality of plants….the relative speed with which they arrived and even a speedy refund as some plants were out of stock.  All in all…a good experience.
Sandy Soltau
Earthwurx Rhode Island


Just want to thank you for your great service. We are a start up farm in Cumberland County TN and wanted to spend our money in a local market. We received 200 blueberry plants for your nursery in great condition in February
Two and a half months later the plants are doing wonderfully well. So far the plants are very healthy and we haven't lost a single plant.
Next fall we are looking forward to adding to our orchard and will use TNNURSERY again for all our needs.
Thank you.

Eric Hedgecoth
C.A.M.E Farms - Long Beach CA

I was so happy to go to my door and find the pachysandra there and in  such a beautiful condition.  Thank you so much for the prompt attention to my order.  I will to happy to tell everyone what good service I have had with TN Nursery.
The plant material is great and the service prompt.
Georgia McCoy Dallas TX


I would like to thank TN Nursery for there fantastic customer service & products! Our order was shipped short, but was promptly corrected when identified.  We are very happy with our purchases for our berry farm.  Finding a great vendor like this will help us expand & grow now and in the future.
Stone Hedge Farms
Cynthiana, KY


Dear TN Nursery,
We at JRM Nursery would like to thank you for the quality plants we received March/April of 2011.

Joel Maiville
JRM Nursery


OMG!!!! Thx u so much for the prompt order!!! It arrived FedEx last night... so the family project for the week will go ahead on schedule.. except for the downpours today!!! Tommorrow we begin and Paula a very happy and satified customer that you shipped to meet our family vacation.. I willl definatly be oredering again!! you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paula Atkins 


Thanks for the delivery of my recent order.  I noticed that some of your items, like allium  5 year plants, mention a time period of years.  What does this indicate? Lifespan? Time to maturity?
Thanks again. Great products.

James L. Torrens
Brookcliffe Farm
Middleburg, Va.


Great plants. Wish I’d known about your site earlier. I ordered $300 worth of hostas and paid double at another nursery.
Linda Carter
Summersville GA 



I love being able to go to your site every year and order all of my plants from you, not only does it save me time but also tons of money.

Tanya Barker


I’m excited to see my fern plants come up. Hope they do as well as my Autumn Blaze Maples.

Sylvia Henderson


I love being able to see my yard bloom and pop up with life each year, all of my plants that I have ordered from you are doing wonderfully!

Jim Ferguson




Tammy thank you for all your info. My plants did well, even in that dry area.

Dee Dee Haskins



I am the envy of all of my neighbors, family and friends each and every year, they all beg to come over and have playtime in our backyard so that they can vast at all the plants.

John Jenkins



So glad to see all your fields in videos. This saves us from another 8 hour drive.

Sandra Higgins


I love how your site has been redone, it looks wonderful. So many other sites have small pictures and very blunt descriptions, not with TN Nursery.

Josh Jensen



Y'all have a great selection and everything I search for I see you!

Clay Gambrell 



Worried about the quality because of the low prices. No worries now. I’ve been a 10 + yr customer.
We order 200 pink dogwood trees a year in memorial of my mother. Never had one complain! Now beat that.
Sharon Dyer

Sarasota FL



Trilliums normally don’t do well here. Tammy told me about the toad shade. All have come up except 3 out of 100, 
so that's a good stand.

Tanya Overlander



I love TN Nursery, the customer service and quality of plants are to die for.

Jillian Michaels



TN Nursery has good quality plants. I’m shocked at the quality for the price.
Dana Green


I’m in awe at my flame azaleas. They are beautiful.

Sue Risner


Thank You Tammy- You've made our Discovery Channel Shoot So Much Better Sending Me Trees Dormant, Podding in Bud and Producing Leaves- This will be an awesome series. I will drop you an email when it's schedules
in Tennessee.

Denise Jamsion

Los Angeles, CA


I’m sorry to hear about the blight getting your black walnuts this year. Mine is producing well I bought from you. Maybe I can send you a couple of mine to enjoy. Happy New Year! Laura Messing



I purchased several trees from TN Nursery last year. This trees have done wonderful and have met all of my expectations. They were received in top quality and I have no complaints about this nursery. This nursery is FANTASTIC! I will definitely be ordering again in the future.

Diane Butler

Atlanta, GA



As a florist I purchase a large amount of flowers every month from different sites. The only sit that actually stuck out and appealed to me was TN Nursery. They have the best customer service I have ever received from any other site.


Denver, CO


I was wondering how to make my yard look very “appealing” to the people that pass by. I was referred by a friend to check out TN Nursery and I have never seen a selection so broad of trees in my life. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.

John Jinks



Thanks to TN Nursery I now have my own orchard In the field behind my house. I have never been so pleased to walk out my back door and smell the aroma of all the different fruits that are growing.

Amanda White 



I needed some plants to place around my small pond and then I would be done with my gardening work for the year. The site TN Nursery had everything I could imagine for water plants. Thank you TN Nursery.

Michelle Hudman



I needed a different assortment of flowers to go in my garden. The amazingly large number of different flowers was found at TN Nursery. I have never had an easier way to find exactly what I needed. I really appreciate the great customer service that I received on my order.

Mike White



I received this order last week and did the planting this weekend. I was very pleased with the size and how healthy the pachysandra and ferns looked.

Thank you very much! That's very good of you. Just for future reference, would it help you if I were to send an email or call to check availability of certain plants before I send an order? I do appreciate your plants - they are some of the nicest, well-developed nursery stock I have recieved! Just an extra word - The tuliptrees didn't go to waste! There is a little knoll behind our pasture that is a bit deprived of trees (A few thorny locusts) so I planted a few up there. Excellent customer service you have! I don't know if I've dealt with better in the nursery trade!  Thank you.


 Dear Tn,

Thought I'd drop you a note and let you know I sold all the dogwoods I bought from you. Not 1 complaint about the wrong color. Wow! That's a change from what I am used to.
John Woodard - John's Roadside Nursery - Monroe NC

Tn Nursery has good quality. I caouldnt believe the prices for wholesale quantities. To be honest I thought, they are selling trash. I was shocked to see hand grafted dogwoods and fruit trees. I will be back but don't you up the prices for this feedback. And i expect a discount for giving it too :)
Randall Greenya - Somerset, KY 1-18-15

We were so happy to pull up and see what large trees! They were so large we couldnt get them in the ground by hand. We had to hire a crew to plant them they were on large. I will send pics of them in the fall when they are in their glory.
Raye Crutchton, Atlanta Ga

Good trees + good customer service. You can't beat this. Especially this day and time. Prices were good too.
Daniel Zimmerman
Zimmermans' Lawn Care, Ann Arbor. MI


Wanted to say I loved Mr Brown your camel. I went to the store and bought him a couple sundrops lol. He guzzles them down. I wish id taken a pic of this. He was more interesting than the trees but I have resold all them and we paid off our van! I will be back down this spring. I setup at flea markets and sell the hound out of those flowering trees you sold me.


Dan Turner, Augusta, Ga